Friday, May 20, 2011


The first day of term two, was when the challenge day happened. We had to split into two groups, because one group had to go to Ms Squires and one had to stay with Mr Marks.

The first group I was in was Ms Squires one. What we did in her room was watch Ellen and see the kid’s who invented some cool stuff in America. One girl made an equal cake size cutter. They had a cake and got the invention that she made and tried it, but it was hard to do so Ellen got it and stepped on it, and jumped on it to make it cut, and it worked.

After morning tea, we had a session with Mr Marks. In the session with Mr Marks we had stuff like, building and constructing. When we started, Mr Marks told us some tips to making a tower good. One of the tips involved holding it still like a tripod. Tripods hold all kinds of stuff. They hold stuff like cameras and guns. Then he said that we only have 20 minutes to build the highest tower. The people that helped me were Timoteo, Lukis, Zyrin and Kyal. It was like we were builders.