Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aussie Rules

we had? We had Aussie rules and it was a good sport that i should learn because I had no idea how you play.
When you play Aussie rules there is a ball shaped like a rugby ball but with stitches, and there is all kinds of sizes, small, medium and even large. There are four posts. if you kick it in between you get six points and if you kick it between the other posts you still get one point. The last thing you should know is that the field is shaped like an oval or a rugby ball, that is so funny.

When ever you start to play a skilled game you have to learn all the basics before you even play a game. The first thing we learn was the drop punt, and the drop punt number one rule was, laces away from faces. The task was to kick it spinning backwards. The first try I did, mine was when i was good at this when i started to do the drop punt i thought it was going to be the same as the drop kick but that was really fun and i unexpectedly did not think that i can do this, it was like a surprise.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The opening ceromony for Rugby World cup 2011

The opening ceremony for the rugby world cup was Amazing. We watch every game of the Rugby world cup. The first game was awesome and Tonga was pretty good but Dan Carter was playing a kicking game so Tonga would get tired. The ceremony was Really Awesome because the carts looked like real boats on the field of Eden Park, and they made the William Web Ellis cup look like it was real metal for me but I dont know about the rest.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


On the third week of term three, we had badminton. When we got there we saw shuttles and there were feathers on them, The badminton demonstrator told us some moves and some other stuff.

On the first activity, we had to get a racket and a shuttle for our first go, but it was only me that didn't know how to do it. Doing it was pretty hard for me that's why I had to start with the beginner rackets witch were the little ones. We had to get a cone, my partner hit the shuttle and I had to catch it in the cone and it was pretty hard cause Lorenzo did not serve it properly, but in our second go I got it in the cone.

The last one we had to get five shuttles and we have to make a circle and make a circle and we had to make a half in the circle. After that we had to see who can get the most in the bin and it was a bit tricky for some people, I managed to get three in the bin.

After a while some more awesome things it was time to go back to class and room fourteen came and then Howard dragged me on the floor the I got in trouble for play fighting with him. Sadly I had to write two hundred words and wasn't a allowed to play game the whole day.