Monday, August 15, 2011

The Beep Test

In week one, my class went to do the Beep test . A beep test is when you run to the cone and back before the beep goes. That's why its called beep test . The girls went first. They were pretty good but some people were cheating, they weren't quite making the beep in time. The girls were not giving up but some people gave up. The only people who made it were Grace and Gianna. The last person standing was Gianna because Grace slipped on the cone . Miss Vaafusuanga carried Grace on her back all the way to sick bay.

When us boys lined up for our turn I thought to myself, "This was going to be easy." When we started it was unexpected. I did not know that the beep test was hard but i gave it my all up until the fifth level. I dropped out because I was too tired to keep going. Jesse dropped out, Howard did too and Neo, Mikaiha and some of the other boys . The people who were still going included Jonathan who had joined us because he had missed out on the beep test his class did. Frankie was the other boy to finish last, he was a fast dude.

My goal is to last longer in the next beep test. I can achieve this by eating healthy and keeping fit by exercising.