Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sir Edmund Hillary....

Milles is Justin's friend, they met at school, He mostly spends his time in the library reading books about science, and sometimes he spends time on the Computer. Kids wont pick on him, but laugh at him because he's a bit different to Justin.

Great Grandpa's friend Eddie, was different to other men in the world war 2 too. Whenever People had breaks and had a little talk he'd always bike ride to Mount Taranaki and Mount Egmont. Everybody used to laugh at him because he was so different. Then he became the first man to climb Mount Everest. His name was Eddie short for Sir Edmund Hillary.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Olympic's day...:-)

Yesterday I had the mosts Coolest day in term 3, as you know that the topic for this term is Go for gold which is the Olympics. Every body were split up into teams which are in the Olympics, I was in the Sweden team and Samson was our leader. At the beginning all the teams were marching around the court and I was holding up our flag.

At the first games we played rounders, short for Baseball but it wasn't really rounders. The twist was that we had to kick the ball as far as we can. When we started, wales had got the pen and they received and we were fielding. I was first base and everybody else were on the other bases. They hit the ball and in total at the all I got 9 of them out.

At the end we were all tired and hungry, well on I was the only one that was, but at least we had fun for once right, That was the best-est day in term 3 History and on Friday NZ has Loud shirt day for the death people. :-)

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Weekend in town With PEPA Rap Group

Hi today im going to tell you about a weekend that i had just not long ago. The weekend was about filming project that was going to be shown on a big screen. Hope you enjoy. ;-)

We had to make a film for the Manaiakalani film festival so Miss Lagitupu gave PEPA Boys Rapping group permission slips to take to our parents so we can go. After that she told us it was going to be held in town and we had to be at school by 12:30 so was the PEPA hip hop group were there.(Rehearsing) After that we came school but it was just me toko who were early so we went to go pick up the rest of the boys so we come all as a group. We rehearsed then we went to the museum.

When we were at museum we had to rap to a song that we done on our first concert by Tyson Tyler and J.williams Go Hard and we were very pumped up. After we finished we went to town and we went to the time zone in the middle of town and we recorded the second to last line and we were playing some arcade games. After that we went down stairs and we went to burger king to have a lunch break and it was so cool. After that we headed back to school and we were tired and when we went back to class we finally reached the last line and then Miss lagitupu and Miss lavakula took us home then we were done for the day. :-)

I think that Saturday was the best time i ever had with my group I had a Great time with Miss lagitupu.