Monday, December 12, 2011

Antonio - One line Authors story.

Today we wrote a diffrent kind of story. Each line was written by a diffrent person and no one knew
what anyone else written. here nis my story.

I can see the Milky Way Galaxy.

I am with a dog.

I can hear people singing songs.

I can smell curry.

I am on the moon.

I am playing rugby.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Trip to Stardome

Earlier this week we went to star-dome for a field trip. While we were there we decided to go for a walk for one tree hill.

As we were walking up one tree hill, i was so hot that i thought that i was next to the sun but i wasn't but really, it was very hot on our field trip. After a while i started to see the building of one tree hill and a deep crater that has rocks in it and there were hearts that people have all ready done like, names and other things.
When i got to the top of one tree hill i was so cooled that i cooled down but when Ms King said we were going down the crater i was so worried that i might fall down. when we got to the top of the crater, we got down and i thought that it was very difficult and that was the second hardest thing on my trip but the first on was the deepest one. The deepest one was the one when lorenzo fall on his back and that was the one i hated the most but my star-dome trip was pretty awesome.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aussie Rules

we had? We had Aussie rules and it was a good sport that i should learn because I had no idea how you play.
When you play Aussie rules there is a ball shaped like a rugby ball but with stitches, and there is all kinds of sizes, small, medium and even large. There are four posts. if you kick it in between you get six points and if you kick it between the other posts you still get one point. The last thing you should know is that the field is shaped like an oval or a rugby ball, that is so funny.

When ever you start to play a skilled game you have to learn all the basics before you even play a game. The first thing we learn was the drop punt, and the drop punt number one rule was, laces away from faces. The task was to kick it spinning backwards. The first try I did, mine was when i was good at this when i started to do the drop punt i thought it was going to be the same as the drop kick but that was really fun and i unexpectedly did not think that i can do this, it was like a surprise.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The opening ceromony for Rugby World cup 2011

The opening ceremony for the rugby world cup was Amazing. We watch every game of the Rugby world cup. The first game was awesome and Tonga was pretty good but Dan Carter was playing a kicking game so Tonga would get tired. The ceremony was Really Awesome because the carts looked like real boats on the field of Eden Park, and they made the William Web Ellis cup look like it was real metal for me but I dont know about the rest.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


On the third week of term three, we had badminton. When we got there we saw shuttles and there were feathers on them, The badminton demonstrator told us some moves and some other stuff.

On the first activity, we had to get a racket and a shuttle for our first go, but it was only me that didn't know how to do it. Doing it was pretty hard for me that's why I had to start with the beginner rackets witch were the little ones. We had to get a cone, my partner hit the shuttle and I had to catch it in the cone and it was pretty hard cause Lorenzo did not serve it properly, but in our second go I got it in the cone.

The last one we had to get five shuttles and we have to make a circle and make a circle and we had to make a half in the circle. After that we had to see who can get the most in the bin and it was a bit tricky for some people, I managed to get three in the bin.

After a while some more awesome things it was time to go back to class and room fourteen came and then Howard dragged me on the floor the I got in trouble for play fighting with him. Sadly I had to write two hundred words and wasn't a allowed to play game the whole day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Beep Test

In week one, my class went to do the Beep test . A beep test is when you run to the cone and back before the beep goes. That's why its called beep test . The girls went first. They were pretty good but some people were cheating, they weren't quite making the beep in time. The girls were not giving up but some people gave up. The only people who made it were Grace and Gianna. The last person standing was Gianna because Grace slipped on the cone . Miss Vaafusuanga carried Grace on her back all the way to sick bay.

When us boys lined up for our turn I thought to myself, "This was going to be easy." When we started it was unexpected. I did not know that the beep test was hard but i gave it my all up until the fifth level. I dropped out because I was too tired to keep going. Jesse dropped out, Howard did too and Neo, Mikaiha and some of the other boys . The people who were still going included Jonathan who had joined us because he had missed out on the beep test his class did. Frankie was the other boy to finish last, he was a fast dude.

My goal is to last longer in the next beep test. I can achieve this by eating healthy and keeping fit by exercising.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


When we found out we were going swimming I was so happy, but when I heard that we started next week I was blown away. Before we started our first swimming session, we had to be split into two groups because one group had to go to Mr Marks and the other had to go Miss Garden. Miss Garden had told us some awsome lessons and I was almost as good as the pro group level. I managed to be the third bestest in my group.

When we got there we had to get changed into our togs then we had to hop in the pool, it was so warm. Miss Garden told us we only had 30 minutes so I had to make the most of that time that she gave us . When I hoped in the pool, I was so warm that I did a happy sigh. We had to get out of the pool, it was team twos turn to have a turn.

Making my cushion

My first picture is my sketch and my second picture is my painting for my cushion .

Monday, June 27, 2011

This is my invention that i made. It is a person who has a net book on his table and him sitting in a two .

Friday, May 20, 2011


The first day of term two, was when the challenge day happened. We had to split into two groups, because one group had to go to Ms Squires and one had to stay with Mr Marks.

The first group I was in was Ms Squires one. What we did in her room was watch Ellen and see the kid’s who invented some cool stuff in America. One girl made an equal cake size cutter. They had a cake and got the invention that she made and tried it, but it was hard to do so Ellen got it and stepped on it, and jumped on it to make it cut, and it worked.

After morning tea, we had a session with Mr Marks. In the session with Mr Marks we had stuff like, building and constructing. When we started, Mr Marks told us some tips to making a tower good. One of the tips involved holding it still like a tripod. Tripods hold all kinds of stuff. They hold stuff like cameras and guns. Then he said that we only have 20 minutes to build the highest tower. The people that helped me were Timoteo, Lukis, Zyrin and Kyal. It was like we were builders.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Camp 2011

At the yr 5 and 6 camp it was cool because we got to go to Swimarama . when we got on the bus i was sweating hot, but when we got there i wanted to just jump in the water. When we went to go sit down they told me that i was chosen to be in the board race. It was easy peasy.

When we heard the hydro slide was open i was so excited until I heard that you have to wait until your group is called. Instead of waiting around bored, I went and played at water world. I jumped out as fast as I could when they called out “ALL STARS YOUR TURN!!!” So i rushed over to the line and i was excited, very excited!

I could see that that there was a very big line going up the stairs. When it was my turn, I was nervous. The green signal light went on. They pushed me forward like a car going down a ramp and down I went. Sliding side to side it felt like I was bean in a jar rolling around in a tube. When it was home time we had to go to the hall to get our camp gear and put it in the tent. The next day we went to Skateland. What an awesome week!


When we went to play baseball, we saw Cola walking with his bag which has bases, gloves and baseballs. When I was fielding i had to be focused and ready, I was on base 2. As i was waiting on the field for a person to hit the ball I watched James walk up to the base. It was his turn to take a bat. Jame’s hit was so awsome that it went really far. I chased after it but he had it it so far that he got to first base faster than I could. He was safe!

Later on as I was fielding i saw Frankie, he was a professional! When he hit the ball they told me to get it but he made it to 2nd base. I almost got him out but he just got away. I was excited to finally switch to batting . When it was Neo’s turn, i was so excited I was sitting on the edge of my seat . So when cola said batter up!, i was watching the game closely.
He hi it, and it went so far that Neo got a home run! Finally our team Pepsi got a Point . When it was my turn to hit I had butterflies in my tummy. When i hit the ball Fankie got me out and that was game over for me.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

christchurch earthquake

It was tragic and frightening when the collapsing buildings fell on people.
People had to evacuate from shaking buildings, it was hard for the rescuers to find
people under the buildings. It was heart breaking for the people of Christchurch.
It was tragic and frightening when the collapsing buildings fell on people.
People had to evacuate from shaking buildings, it was hard for the rescuers to find
people under the buildings. It was heart breaking for the people of Christchurch.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Welcome to Year 5 Antonio.

Anotonio is now in year 5 and this is his own blog!
During year 4 Antonio did some great writing. Click here to read it.