Friday, March 28, 2014

Sports at Tamaki College..

Tamaki college, Invited 3 classrooms( Class 2, Class 4 and Class 5) from Pt England to participate in P.E at tamaki. Tamaki, located in Glen Innes is where we go. We go tamaki every thursday, but it was changed to friday. Its good for Fitness, having fun with your friends, exercising and getting out of the classroom.

This is runned by Level 2 Yr12’s and this is part of their course, if they collect enough points then they points so this is important. Its good also to lose weight, avoid diabetes and to get healthier. it is held behind the Recreation centre, when we met the breakers we went there. Students at tamaki always see us playing outside, while there inside.

First, we get into 7 groups of 10, and then we get sent to different activities each week.  We go   Through a variety of  activities Like the Trust fall, High Jump, Obstacle course and chain tag. My favourite one that I’ve experienced it the Sprinting Race.

We get Into two groups, and line up at the start, next we have to sprint to the other side where the Bamboo sticks are, then we pick it up and spin with the stick on our nose and our eyes are looking at the tip.


  1. Hey Antonio,
    You guys are really lucky to go to Tamaki College for P.E. We don't get to do that. Good job on this recount about your time there :) I also like why you said P.E is good for you. Keep it up.

    From Lisia and Gloria

  2. Hey Antonio,
    You guys all must of had so much fun! Lucky is what you guys are, unfortunately we don't get the opportunity to go to Tamaki College for P.E :) & yes having fun with your friends is always fun :)
    Keep It Up!
    From Jorja

  3. Thanks Jorja :) Ohhh, I feel sorry for yous:(