Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly. Term2

On the 5th of may, term 2 had started and we all came to school. Our topic was About science and the word was "I like to move it, move it. First of all we had to go class and drop off our bags and then line to for immersion assembly. We walked to the hall and took the first chairs in the front, it looked like we were the first class to the hall. We sat down and saw all teachers dressed up. We sitted quitley listened to the kids and teachers chatting. Finally we had started the day, we done a prayer and then waited for team 1 to do their act. Team 1 done a movie about the zoo and the security equipment they use to keep the animals safe. At the end one of the Team 1 teachers said that the Yr1's are going to the zoo tomorrow.

Team 2 had done a movie about air ballons and planes, their was a song that went of it that we knew. Everybody had a giggle when Mrs She, was saying "I like to move it". The funny thing was that we were learning while we were enjoying assembly with laughter. Team 3, came up to the stage and, their act was about light and how rainbows are made. The assembly was like a comedy show because everything was funny. Team 4 done a movie on things that can float in water, and how boats and other objects can displace water. Last but not least was Team 5, they came up to the front of the stage with hand made instruments  Their movie was about sound in our ears. At the end of their movie, they made a lip sync song with them playing instruments, also they did dancing.

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  1. Hi Antonio. I enjoyed reading your recount about immersion assembly. It was quite accurate and you mentioned what happened quite well. Just remember to proof read your writing and use paragraphs to organise your work.