Thursday, May 23, 2013

Xavier, Jacob, Texas and Antonio's Juice Recipe and Price Range

Introducing The MorePhone

Did you know a Company in Usa have Invented a Flexible Phone Called The MorePhone that Is Paper Made?. The Reason they call it the MorePhone is because they get more stuff out of it.

One of the coolest reason’s I like the MorePhone is Because it curls up when you get a Phone Call ,Text Message or an Email. And the Second reason I love it Is because it has a Touch Screen!. And the last reason I like it is because you can uncurl it and that will ignore the Call.

The link to the Article is Below Called SmartPhone


Friday, May 10, 2013's Surprise Visit to Pt England School..

Everybody was filled with excitement as Mr Burt announced who the Surprise guest would be, Mr burt Said “Do All of you know who Is the surprise guess is?” then the school said “No!”. Then everybody Was Very happy and they were more Anxious of who it would be.When Mr Burt finnaly revealed that it would be we were all Screaming, Shouting and Cheering.

When we saw walk in Everybody were Cheering, Shouting, there were camera’s everywhere and Hellenstein brothers poster’s everywhere. The Kapa Haka group Known as the Maori Group Greeted him with a dance and a Mihi to welcome him to Aotearoa and to Pt England. There was Another group called the Hip Hop Group was the second group to welcome him.

He was in the Black eyed pea’s which gave him the path to fame, and to being solo and very famous. He was born in 1975 which mean’s he is 38 years old.
When He wanted to talk, he told us about his childhood being poor and on the street, his Dream was to look after his Mum and his Sibling’s. He said we could be whatever we wanted to be and he said If you study hard You Could Be the next Mark Zuckerberg or the next bill gates. He said to strive hard and you called make tomorrow's iPad’s or Make apps plus to be Famous and Well known.

He was so Kind that he Donated One Hundred thousand dollars towards our netbooks and to the Manaiakalani Cluster. At the end He inspired me to learn about Chemistry and Science. Thank you for inspirering our school.