Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My first day at school

Waking up early to the chirping birds outside, I felt excited for my first day at school. I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth and got my uniform on. I got in my car then drove off to school.

Opening the door looking at the school gates I unbuckled my seatbelt then walked into Point England slowly. Walking into my new class I felt nervous and scared of the other kids. When I sat down I was at the back because every kid was screaming and shouting.

When it was lunch I just sat down and stared at the wall, I met my first friend Jericho, second was Junior.
Finally It was the end of lunch then we had to do maths, I sucked then when My teacher told me to do times tables, I done Addition

Sadly the day had come to an end bells were going off and kids were everywhere, my mum came we went home then ate more food.

Writing Sample

One day as I was making my way to the beach with my friends, I had heard a whisper coming from something in the bushes, It sounded Familiar then  I asked my friends “Did You Hear that..?” they replied no. I had a peek then nothing was there, then I continued walking, again I heard it then it really started to freak me out so I started to run. Halfway to the beach I was so Happy so I could get away from that whisper, Suddenly I heard a different whisper coming from the tree but I didn't want to check because I was too scared.

That whisper gave me a big problem, the whisper was kept in my head every second of the walk that this last whisper was the end of it all as I heard a whisper from a back of a car. Too scared I sprinted into the toilets and stayed there. I got changed a went into the warm water of the beach. I relaxed then went to far into the water, I almost drifted like a boat in the ocean into the open sea. Then I got rescued By some fishers on a Boat.

I went back home and told my mum what had happened and she said those whispers may have been from that Scary Movie you watched Last week. So I finally Found out what it was.