Thursday, April 26, 2012

My day at swimarama Antonio

We had such a wonderful day at Swimarama the day was so successful day and we had lots of fun, Enjoy my story :)

Finally we have our day to refresh ourselves and be able to enjoy the day we have together with our cousins Paula and Sika. As we arrived at Swimarama, we just sat down and waited. One thing was sad, the outdoor pool was closed. When we entered the indoor pool it was so big that there was an whole camp inside.  Imagine if it was outside, it would have been very small.

When we were ready to swim, we were so cold that we wanted to go into a hot pool and it came true because we did go into a small pool warm pool, it was so relaxing. As we were swimming these kids came and asked us if we wanted to play rugby in the pool, and we disagreed because my Aunt said that it was so dangerous that it might hurt little kids on the head.

WOW Guess how starving I was, I was 100’/. hungry and guess what we had for lunch? It was packs filled with tuna sandwiches, chocolate bars, bananas, doritos and a drink it was so delicious. After we eat, we have a 10 minute break and we have to have a rinse before we go back into the pool. We asked our Aunt if we can go into the big pool and we couldn’t because Sika was so small he couldn't swim.

The way I feel and look back at my day at Swimarama is that it had good conclusion and i think it hooked people in and the audience. I hoped you enjoyed my story :)  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maud Island Frogs.

Maud Island frogs, are one of the four frogs that a native to New Zealand, and they a different to other frogs.

Normal frogs live in water but this Maud Island frog doesn't. The reason why Maud Island frogs don’t live in water, is because they don’t have webbed feet thats why they live in damp places. Maud Island frogs live at Marlborough Sounds, and they live in bushes, trees, steep hills, under rotten logs and above sea level.

Maud Island frogs are carnivores, eating Beetles, Insects, larvae and worms. The way that Maud island frogs catch their food is not similar to any other frog. They catch them by pouncing and shoving them in their mouth EWW!!.

Their predators for Maud Island frogs A lizards. They sneak up on the frogs when they a busy then they get them very fast like a snap.There are only a few Maud Island Frogs. because the rats from another habitat, brought the disease to the Island that why they got rid of all the rats at Maud Island.

I really hope that these frogs can survive the Island and also that the rats can find another place to stay instead of spreading diseases around Maud Island.

Frankie My best friend.

Frankie is a good friend because he is a good athletic kid.  he is a good wise man to talk too. he is a honest man and he is careful to others.