Thursday, April 7, 2011

Camp 2011

At the yr 5 and 6 camp it was cool because we got to go to Swimarama . when we got on the bus i was sweating hot, but when we got there i wanted to just jump in the water. When we went to go sit down they told me that i was chosen to be in the board race. It was easy peasy.

When we heard the hydro slide was open i was so excited until I heard that you have to wait until your group is called. Instead of waiting around bored, I went and played at water world. I jumped out as fast as I could when they called out “ALL STARS YOUR TURN!!!” So i rushed over to the line and i was excited, very excited!

I could see that that there was a very big line going up the stairs. When it was my turn, I was nervous. The green signal light went on. They pushed me forward like a car going down a ramp and down I went. Sliding side to side it felt like I was bean in a jar rolling around in a tube. When it was home time we had to go to the hall to get our camp gear and put it in the tent. The next day we went to Skateland. What an awesome week!


When we went to play baseball, we saw Cola walking with his bag which has bases, gloves and baseballs. When I was fielding i had to be focused and ready, I was on base 2. As i was waiting on the field for a person to hit the ball I watched James walk up to the base. It was his turn to take a bat. Jame’s hit was so awsome that it went really far. I chased after it but he had it it so far that he got to first base faster than I could. He was safe!

Later on as I was fielding i saw Frankie, he was a professional! When he hit the ball they told me to get it but he made it to 2nd base. I almost got him out but he just got away. I was excited to finally switch to batting . When it was Neo’s turn, i was so excited I was sitting on the edge of my seat . So when cola said batter up!, i was watching the game closely.
He hi it, and it went so far that Neo got a home run! Finally our team Pepsi got a Point . When it was my turn to hit I had butterflies in my tummy. When i hit the ball Fankie got me out and that was game over for me.