Thursday, June 26, 2014

What is echolocation?

What is echolocation? Echolocation is when you use echoes or sound to detect things and find out where something is. Some animals in the dark use echolocation to navigate through the dark, and to find food to eat as they sleep during the day. Dolphins also use echolocation to find food and to communicate with families miles away.

There is something also called bio sonar (echolocation), which is another tool that people, whales and dolphins use to navigate through water. Sailors use sonar to find shipwrecks and to navigate through rough seas.There is a downside to sonar in the marine life. If dolphins hear sonar they immediately rush to the surface of the water and this can make air bubbles in the tissue of dolphins and it can lead to eternal bleeding.  

Other animals such as bats use echolocation to hunt down their prey. They make a little sound with their mouth and it vibrates to the prey and bounces back. That determines and pinpoints where the prey is and then they go in for the kill. That’s why bats sleep at during the daytime and why they have such big ears that are curved inwards.

Ben underwood was a person who suffered eye cancer at the age of two. His mum spotted something different in his eyes. His eyes were removed. He learnt how to use his other senses, especially his hearing. He used his mouth to click. The clicks vibrated off objects so he knew where the objects were. He was unique because he was the only person in the world to use echolocation.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

State Of Orgin.

Every year ever since 1908, two states have been facing off each year. They are rivals to each other. One name of a team is New South Wales, and their rival is Queensland. Queensland have been on a 9 year streak without losing a year.

In the olden day Nsw use to win every year for 19 years, their tool was the 1st Five, Andrew Johns. Andrew Johns were the Nsw’s winning tool, he did great kick without a miss. He had a famous kick the Death Bomb which is a kick that goes extremely high.

Sadly Andrew Johns had retired leaving only leaving QueensLand with an advantage to win and come back at New South Wales. Ever Since then QLD have been winning their games exept 2005 when Andrew Came back and helped them win but Andrew Johns got caught with drugs and had to stop playing League. I hope that New South Wins this year because We won Game 1 in 2014.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pt England Vs St Peter's College.

On Wednesday the 11th St Peters College’s rugby team traveled all the way to Pt England to have a friendly rugby match. It was cool because I was in the rugby team, my position was prop and I was really nervous when our team started, it was pretty dumb because I was reserve. I was not allowed to play because my behaviour in class was bad and not good. I was on my last chance to redeem my self in class then My teacher allowed me to play.

We all got ready and sorted out our uniform and positions, the cool thing was that the ref was my Friend Frankie's dad. At Kick off I was sitting on the sideline waiting for my coach to put me on I was really desperate for time to play. Our full back Jabez got a runaway try and we converted our try, our team was the first to score. We got more into the game, intensity was higher and everyone was angry and played hard, our team started losing possession on the field and St Peter's got a trie they, converted successfully.

Sadly Pt England had lost and all our anger was drained and we said our cheers and shaked hands. Over all I think that the game we had was awesome and hard work, especially the feed we got from our coach which was Fish ‘n Chips and bread plus a drink, then we had riverside.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Technology At Tamaki.

Every now and then Intermediate students from Pt england have been walking down to tamaki for tech for over 4 years. There are two days when we normally go, its tuesday & thursday. There are 3 different stations at tech, 1 is Food tech where you cook and create dishes and eat it all while you’re there, Number 2 is hard materials where you make and create your own stuff like necklaces and decorations for your house, Lastly theres graphics where you draw pictures and create little things out of paper.  

You have to do your very best at everything because all your scores you get at tech appears on your report card. My first time at tech was amazing because we had food tech. The first meal we made was fruit salad and it was DELICIOUS! And we learn new things which is good for our future as adults. We get privileges that some schools around our area don't have. Thats why going to tamaki for tech is a gift from them.

My favourite station was hard material because I really liked using new tools for cutting our template for our necklace made out of metal. I feel really good going tamaki because we get out of class for the morning and have something to work on at home if we're bored, and it gets us ready for life at college. We also get to have our stuff that we create too.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Being smart on the internet is one of the most important things on a computer. We all know that you can delete history on your laptop, but what you don't know is that everything you do on the internet stays on the internet. Its like if you bought new carpet, and someone with dirty shoes had come in then the shoes would stain your carpet right? and all the dirt would stay on forever, until you vacuum your carpet.

Thats why being cyber smart is really important, that's why we all have to say nice things on the net not bad ones. As An Yr8, we have to be role models and show the younger generation what’s good and what’s bad. And this is why you have to choose your friends properly and on hang with people who are good influences. Like the quote at assembly, Your future lies before you poem, It settled a great example to our school to be good and cyber smart.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How to cook bacon.

How to cook bacon:

First add butter or oil into your pan, but make sure you’ve washed your hands and washed your pan. Slice your bacon into little strips, but your bacon may already come sliced. Then cook 5 mins each side at 150 degrees. Make sure you do not burn them or over cook your bacon. Then serve with anything you like with bread a burger, but mostly it suits with eggs and juice. Make sure you’re a good cooker and know how to cook, but if you’re not then ask an adult to help you. There are different ways to cook bacon like baking bacon with other food.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How a cook an Egg.

How to cook an egg.

First, Wash your pan and wash your hands, then pour oil into your pan, or you can add a slice of butter then wait for 1min, Then add your eggs. You have to wait until your egg starts browning.

Make sure you're a pro at cooking or just ask an adult for supervision. You can serve with alot of things like bread and bacon. You can also add herbs while cooking like chives and onions for texture.