Friday, August 30, 2013

My Math Goal for this Term.

The thing that I'm focusing on is the numerator and the denominator. Like if there was 64 pens and I wanted 3-8's of it. So I made Eight groups then  put eight in each of them, but I want only 3 of it so, 3x8=24, it's very simple and You should have a try, ask your teacher if your still in school. I want to get better at this. And thats my math goal for this term.:)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Movie reflection.

In week 4, we made movies about love and in our Literacy group, we had to reflect on the movie we watched. There is a link to the movie If you would like to watch it Here -->

The thing that I liked about the movie that it was an olden day vibe but it wasn’t black and white. The other thing that I liked about the movie is that it was a comedy/Action movie and that was very good planning. And lastly the last one that I liked is that it had a Barney bit in it. plus I like that the actors were awesome and were expressive about what they meant.

But the stuff I didn't like is that it had no sound at the beginning. And that it had not that much sound in it, they should’ve added some voice into it, plus they should’ve changed the music in the background but the music was awesome. Overall I rate it a good movie and that it was a Comedian-Action Movie.