Saturday, December 21, 2013

Last Day of School...

The last day of school for 2013 was a day to remember, As teachers and kids were leaving our school. Our teachers from our school that left got flowers and got a movie. The saddest Farewell on Thursday was Whaia Raywen. As she tought our school Te Reo Maori and Hakas, for Productions and more. Lorenz, Was one of her favourite Students way back. He done a haka with three Yr8's to the teachers who were leaving, and it was a very emotional day. As the day came to an end the Yr8's after school had tears running down their faces, as it was their last day at P.E.S. After Everyone Had planned to go to swimarama at pamure, we all walked by foot and all swam. The End:)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Highlights

It was awesome being in Room 22, competing in sports, and all the friends I made. I liked being in the street because we had rotation which was literary or art and I liked art. I liked playing touch with my friends. I liked the people in my class but a little bit people had to go other schools. It was my first time experiencing Being in Intermediate which was great. I love sports but mostly I love rugby because we always played on saturdays for Marist, This was one of my big highlights.

Another thing I liked was my Reading as I improved and went up 2 and a half years. I also have gone up in my Maths, I know all of my Yr7 Strategy's. Im not so good on my writing so thats the thing I need to work on next year. I hope that report card is alright, so I don't get a growl from my mum. Its all so my brothers last year and he said he can't wait to leave P.E.S and leave to College.

Another good highlight is going to action world when the Yr8’s went to camp. So the things I need to work on next year is my behaviour and my writing and my Yr8 Strategies. I also have to think about what I say and keep my hands to myself because I’ve been on A Lot of detentions,and another goal is to have less detentions next year. Its been great so far in room twenty two, but its sad how the Yr8’s are leaving.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Highlights From action world.

On Friday the 6th of December, the Yr7's went to action world, Because the Yr8's went to Rotorua for camp. My favourite highlight has got to be the Tram-peez, Because it was very high and I was scared. We have to walk up a big ladder, Walk on the ledges and grab the bar, We had to lean back to go farer in the air. I jumped and Swung to times, Then We had to jump off at the time the instructor says. Another good Activity was the Jousting Bridge, Because its one where you have to people Versing and they have Bud things, So the aim is to win and throw them off, You can play Unarmed or Armed. And lastly my favourite other  thing was on the bus, we were all driving and singing.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My first day at school

Waking up early to the chirping birds outside, I felt excited for my first day at school. I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth and got my uniform on. I got in my car then drove off to school.

Opening the door looking at the school gates I unbuckled my seatbelt then walked into Point England slowly. Walking into my new class I felt nervous and scared of the other kids. When I sat down I was at the back because every kid was screaming and shouting.

When it was lunch I just sat down and stared at the wall, I met my first friend Jericho, second was Junior.
Finally It was the end of lunch then we had to do maths, I sucked then when My teacher told me to do times tables, I done Addition

Sadly the day had come to an end bells were going off and kids were everywhere, my mum came we went home then ate more food.

Writing Sample

One day as I was making my way to the beach with my friends, I had heard a whisper coming from something in the bushes, It sounded Familiar then  I asked my friends “Did You Hear that..?” they replied no. I had a peek then nothing was there, then I continued walking, again I heard it then it really started to freak me out so I started to run. Halfway to the beach I was so Happy so I could get away from that whisper, Suddenly I heard a different whisper coming from the tree but I didn't want to check because I was too scared.

That whisper gave me a big problem, the whisper was kept in my head every second of the walk that this last whisper was the end of it all as I heard a whisper from a back of a car. Too scared I sprinted into the toilets and stayed there. I got changed a went into the warm water of the beach. I relaxed then went to far into the water, I almost drifted like a boat in the ocean into the open sea. Then I got rescued By some fishers on a Boat.

I went back home and told my mum what had happened and she said those whispers may have been from that Scary Movie you watched Last week. So I finally Found out what it was.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Malala Yousafzai, Nobel prize Nomination.

Kiwi Kids News
Read the whole article and record the key words or phrases that answer the following questions.

News Article Headline

Malala Yousafzai
She has been nominated for a nobel peace prize
She is from pakistan but is living in england at the moment
Will find out at the end of october if she has W0n
Because she was fighting for education for girls in pakistan

Rewrite the article in your own words


Malala nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Malala Yousafzai has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her peace and friendliness. She's been nominated for fighting for education for girls, in Pakistan. She is from Pakistan but she's currently living in England. We will find out at the the end of october if she wins. Shes still fighting for education for girls.

Opinion and Why:
What do you think about this news and why
I was very surprised that girls don’t have the same education, and how she's the youngest girl that has been nominated for the Nobel prize.

What are some questions this article has prompted that you may like to find out the answers to
How is the education like for girls in pakistan.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Storyboard Template

This is our storyboard template for our four shot movie project, that the creative strand is working on this week.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Holiday Writing Sample

This Morning we had 40mins to write about anything we wanted. From this we are going to set some writing goals for the term. Here is was I Wrote.

The highlight of my holiday was everything, From Gaming to Pools and also Outdoor activities. I stay up at night often because Gaming keeps me Entertained for a while. I loved going pools and enjoying the fun with my Friends and Cousins.

Also I like playing outside because there's always something fun to do. My daily routine was just breakfast pool then gaming when I come back home for some reason.

I was happy because the holidays were just kicking off. Sometimes I sleep in the middle of the day because its always too Hot or to cold for anything. I always have to do chores to play game or do anything fun like doing jobs like  the dishes & cleaning the lounge but I got no pocket money, only the 50c I found on the Ground.

 Sadly I never got to go visit my Nan’s House,which is awful but thats life.
The holidays were a bit boring because I wanted to go school and I couldn't wait to come. I Most loved cooking food for the family, Under supervision. Sadly the holidays were coming to an end and I had to start Sleeping early now to get good sleep for school.
That’s My Holiday Writing Sample….

My goal this term in writing is to use metephors, and similes and also to add alot of effective paragraphs, and sentences. I want to get better at my writing because im a bit below in my age. Last but not least I need a Hook so people could understand it.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My Math Goal for this Term.

The thing that I'm focusing on is the numerator and the denominator. Like if there was 64 pens and I wanted 3-8's of it. So I made Eight groups then  put eight in each of them, but I want only 3 of it so, 3x8=24, it's very simple and You should have a try, ask your teacher if your still in school. I want to get better at this. And thats my math goal for this term.:)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Movie reflection.

In week 4, we made movies about love and in our Literacy group, we had to reflect on the movie we watched. There is a link to the movie If you would like to watch it Here -->

The thing that I liked about the movie that it was an olden day vibe but it wasn’t black and white. The other thing that I liked about the movie is that it was a comedy/Action movie and that was very good planning. And lastly the last one that I liked is that it had a Barney bit in it. plus I like that the actors were awesome and were expressive about what they meant.

But the stuff I didn't like is that it had no sound at the beginning. And that it had not that much sound in it, they should’ve added some voice into it, plus they should’ve changed the music in the background but the music was awesome. Overall I rate it a good movie and that it was a Comedian-Action Movie.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My goal next term.

My goal for next term, is to move up into division in 2 second and to get better at co-operating with others and to get much much better at writing and reading. Lastly I want to improve in my Behaviour.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Movie Making Reflection

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed
Making the song and hanging out with my friends.
Also when we were making the Animation.

Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like.
I Never liked it when Isiah Kicked me out of the group
I Never liked it when Isiah said we were going to film some parts but we never did.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week
The Interesting thing was when I got lot’s of stuff done
I did not get trouble that much.

White Hat - What did I learn.
I learnt more about the Instrument’s on Garage band.
Also I learnt about co-operating with other’s

Blue Hat - What can I do better next time.
Cooperate and get a bit more stuff Done
Also get better at drawing picture’s

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Xavier, Jacob, Texas and Antonio's Juice Recipe and Price Range

Introducing The MorePhone

Did you know a Company in Usa have Invented a Flexible Phone Called The MorePhone that Is Paper Made?. The Reason they call it the MorePhone is because they get more stuff out of it.

One of the coolest reason’s I like the MorePhone is Because it curls up when you get a Phone Call ,Text Message or an Email. And the Second reason I love it Is because it has a Touch Screen!. And the last reason I like it is because you can uncurl it and that will ignore the Call.

The link to the Article is Below Called SmartPhone


Friday, May 10, 2013's Surprise Visit to Pt England School..

Everybody was filled with excitement as Mr Burt announced who the Surprise guest would be, Mr burt Said “Do All of you know who Is the surprise guess is?” then the school said “No!”. Then everybody Was Very happy and they were more Anxious of who it would be.When Mr Burt finnaly revealed that it would be we were all Screaming, Shouting and Cheering.

When we saw walk in Everybody were Cheering, Shouting, there were camera’s everywhere and Hellenstein brothers poster’s everywhere. The Kapa Haka group Known as the Maori Group Greeted him with a dance and a Mihi to welcome him to Aotearoa and to Pt England. There was Another group called the Hip Hop Group was the second group to welcome him.

He was in the Black eyed pea’s which gave him the path to fame, and to being solo and very famous. He was born in 1975 which mean’s he is 38 years old.
When He wanted to talk, he told us about his childhood being poor and on the street, his Dream was to look after his Mum and his Sibling’s. He said we could be whatever we wanted to be and he said If you study hard You Could Be the next Mark Zuckerberg or the next bill gates. He said to strive hard and you called make tomorrow's iPad’s or Make apps plus to be Famous and Well known.

He was so Kind that he Donated One Hundred thousand dollars towards our netbooks and to the Manaiakalani Cluster. At the end He inspired me to learn about Chemistry and Science. Thank you for inspirering our school.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Fiafia Night.

Well, to be honest I really wanted more time to practice the Tongan groups, Kailao. The Kailao is an war dance made from the warriors who fought against other's for their freedom. Let's talk about the dance now, The dance had took place On the field just where people play rugby and other sports, also we had an big Marki just that if it rains there would be a protection. The courts was where the audience and  all the other groups sat, they also had carpets so that it could be comfortable, plus there were food stands around the entrance.

As soon as the bell rang we all got to our changing room's, and the costume was a red hula skirt with a necklace kind of thing which was made out of leaves, they were special leaves because they were rare to find around NZ, we lastly wore a red fluffy string on our left side of our heads. When we had to leave we lastly done a Tongan prey so that our Tongan dance would be fierce and scary. As we walked out around the Audience we heard voices going "CHHHEEEHOOO GO TONGA!" around the corner. when we sat down I felt like I was next to an Iceberg and in side a fridge too. I said to my friend " Ghee aren't you cold" then he replied "Yeah, I,m a Tongan Warrior though", Then I laughed.

Watching all the other groups was awesome but I loved the Drumming at the end of the show, also the Kailao Of course. When we watched Bollywood then they rocked it, also when they played an old song I loved called "Jale Ho" sang from Nichole Schlesinger. When it was our turn I gave it all I had and I went 110 percent., my brother was the leader and also called all the word's. When we got to the middle I done a mistake and dropped my spear and I picked it up and kept on going till it was finished.

Looking back at that day I was really Impressed with all the groups, also our one. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Brief reflection On Term 1

I think I’ve achieved being a good student and that I must still focus on my behaviour and attitude when it comes down to learning and listening to the teacher. I have achieved doing my work when I have time to and also when its the time when we read our book’s.

Next term I must still need to focus on being a helpful, wise, intelligent and also work on my behaviour in class. I must still focus on my learning and my listening, I also have to finish my work in class instead of staying in class and finishing my work.

I think that this Term has been an awesome opportunity to see new people, see who our teachers would be, also to have a fresh start and become an good boy in my Class. I think the best thing this term was going tech, this would be good and would help us in the future.

Next term Im looking forward to meeting new kids and focus on my behaviour also to be a better person writer, reader and math Kid. Also to be in the PEPA Rap group like last year and to verse other schools for rugby and other sport’s.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Camp Argument, Xavier/Jacob/Antonio

In my opinion, I think We should have a Year 7 and 8 camp. I think that Is an awesome opportunity to have more experience at learning new stuff that we could use for the future. For example The thing about camp I like is kicking it with the boys and doing sport, archery and all kinds of stuff. It’s also a good chance for people to take responsibility and take charge of things and of others as well. at our school , but that’s only if there would still be Camp. It gives us an chance to do stuff we didn’t know we could do.

Another good reason to have camp is take charge and take responsibility at camp you must behave and take leadership at camp. it is great getting out of the classroom and enjoy the fun and kick back. Another good reason to have camp is to have a chance to get to know more people and to meet new people and explore other places.

Furthermore I think camp gives us the time to kick back and have fun with our mates. Also its great to get out of the classroom and get fit,  active and healthy.
Its also a time when we can meet peoples parents have fun and be able to have an go on thing we didn’t know we could do. Performing for the other teams on the stage shows that you have courage and confindence.

This year I think that we should of had a camp for the year 7 and 8’s should of had a camp. Now we miss out on kayaking, going to the beach and going to the pool.

Seeing the little kids have fun and talk about how cool it was made me kind of sad. After they went to the pools I was kind of jealous.

As the little kids walked to go kayaking I felt like they were better than us. Because they get to have fun while we are in class. You get spend more time with your friends and make new ones.

Swimming at the beach is fun it teaches you that its different then the pool because there is a current that can pull you out to sea. You get to jump of the rocks at the pt england beach.

Next year I hope that the staff members and parents will think about this when they have another home-school-partnership-meeting and consider having a year 7&8 camp next year.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Allen Duff's Visit to Pt England.

Allen Duff is one of the founders for Duffy Book's at Home's and he has a hobby of reading and making books for children to read. So at assembly Mr Burt announced that there would be an special person coming next week on Monday, from France just to share his stories with us, and to give us books, which he said are like our friends when were down. When it was time we were all like who is he but It really didn't matter. So then, we had to sing our Duffy song and he said it was beautiful. After he said he has just published a book in France  then he said that he would give two copies to the most Awesome questions, But no one got it our class on people In Other classes got them. So then  we prayed and we farewelled him back to France.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

First trials for Rugby.

What a session at rugby trial's, I felt like falling to the ground but no I wasn't aloud. First we had to warm up doing 3 Figure eight's, then we ran around the field. When I first signed up I thought it was going to be the most easiest sport in school, But then no it wasn't. But the most easiest thing was holding up the tackle bag for our first training exercise, but a bit later I was quite bored. Watching my other friends tackle the bag I was like wow that was the most furious I've saw them. When It was my turn, I felt like I was going to be the star of the Session. When we were having a game, we had to run around the field once but then someone walked then we had to do it again. We couldn't have the game so we were finished, when he said that was just a warm up I was like What!!!!!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

My Unpredictable day.

This morning we all Completed our first Writing Sample for 2013. I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes that we were given,so that throughout this Year I be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in my writing ,I will post my goals from this soon  

Waking up to awesome weather, I felt that this day couldn't get any better. After my shower I was Getting changed for school, But It was exhausting finding out that my Uniform is still wet. Running to the Closet to get the Iron to dry my Uniform and Looking at the time and its 8.40 I felt very angry that I could not dry up my Uniform fast enough, at least I could still go to school.

Having to run to school with a piece of bread and with damp uniform I felt like It wasn't really my day. Getting yelled at from the teacher was pretty emotional but when I find out we always leave to tech at Tamaki College,I felt like it was my day.  

Walking to Tamaki was pretty fun and exhausting at the same time, I felt hungry so then I snuck out a Picnic bar and ate half, but my friend said “Give me some our I’ll tell on Miss Nua” then I said “Ok” But he took all of it. When we got to Tamaki College, We had got split into Yr 7 and 8 classes.

Waiting for Mr Noble Pineda was like the Most boringest thing ever in my life. Finding out my iPod got stolen, I was really angry and had a feeling my friend I gave my Picnic bar too had stolen it. Having to think that this day was going to be my best day ever, it never was. Too bad thats what happens when I show off my iPod.

Monday, February 18, 2013

My first experience at tech.

My first experience at technology.
As soon as Mr Barks called my name out for hard material work I was excited as can be. So I came early to school and possibly I Might have come too early,
So then I just remembered I had lunch  and ate it.

When we were on our way I didn’t know where we were going, then my friend told me Tamaki College. When we got to there, Mr Dunn had split us up to Yr7 and Yr8 groups.

Well I really didn’t want to be in this class called Graphics Class, and his name was Mr Noble, it was pretty boring until we saw some of his Awesome drawings . Then I thought it was the coolest class. P.s cooking is better than anything because I like the food.

My Goals

My goal in the classroom this Term is to become a more specific and  better writer, get better at making friends and make the right choices.

To achieve these goals I must listen to the teacher read more books and hang out with the right friends.