Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Last holidays for 2011

On the first week of my holidays, I went to my aunties house and looked after my little cousin and her name is Tongovua and really it is very hard looking after her.As I was looking after her,I i was very tired from riding my ripstik and i put her down and she was crawling to the tv and shouting at it and i said 'hey vua' and she said ' AHHHHHHH!' and that was the loudest i ever heard her scream. After a while I had to go and look After a while my Auntie had called my Other Aunties phone telling her that i needed to go to my nanas house. When we went there, Me my auntie and my brother were planing to go bigups.

On the second week, the plan that we had plan to go to bigups came true and me and my brother were very happy to go to bigups.
As me and my brother were very excited we got changed in to my shirt that I had gotten for my christmas was the shirt i wore and the shorts that I got for
Christmas to and the last thing my snapback cap.when we got there it looked very cool, As we were walking to the entrance i Thought of any injuries that i might get from soccer,boxing,concentration course,Bungie running and the one when you walk up the ladder and slide back down. That course that i went on last was the course that i fell of on. when i fell i broke my ankle and got injured.and that was the last bit of my holiday.