Monday, September 22, 2014

Wesley Rugby Tournament

On the 23rd of September, The Rugby squad from Pt England, are going to compete at the Tournament out at Paerata.
Out at Wesley college, they are having a Rugby tournament and have invited us to take part in this awesome event. We are not only going to be Representing our school, but the EAST of the region. There are going to be schools from the South-side. This is going to be the most challenging Tournament we’ve had so far, thats why we have very hard trainings.

Every week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays we’ve been having the most painful and roughest trainings yet. I think that we will do very well because we have a lot of talented rugby players in our team and also big guys. Our coach, Mazel had told the whole team that this will be a good opportunity to get scouted into Wesley by playing hard. We can also have the opportunity to meet Jonah Lomu in PERSON! , and have a game with him.

I am really looking foward, and I think that Pt England can come 1st because we’re going to play like theres no tommorow. Everyone is going to play for their families, our school and our friends. Im playing as prop for my position, and Im a forward.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country (2014)

Annually, Pt England school have cross country. We have it to represent our house teams, and to have fun and get fit. This is an activity for the whole school to participate in. We’ve all been going for runs every day, for the past few weeks to prepare for this day.

“Today is the day” I said waiting patiently waiting for the Yr 8’s turn to run. I dressed up in my green shirt and my black shorts. There were a lot of people dressed up detailed, but I went basic because I don't want anything to hold and drag me down. I’m in Mataatua, the Green house. There are 3 other houses. Te Arawa (RED) Tainui (BLUE) and lastly Takitimu (YELLOW).

Watching the Yr6 girls run, I could see how hard they were puffing and sweating. I felt nervous just watching them. On their last lap, they were struggling to even run, as they ran, ran and ran and their race was over. “Here comes the Yr8 boys”. Lining up nervously and walking to the start line. It felt like my legs were going to collapse, standing unstable.

Mr Burt said “READY, SET GO! Everyone all sprinted and ran hard, but I stayed back and paced myself. Going around the 3rd Corner, I was so puffed already and I couldn't go no more, but I still pushed myself.

I kept on running and people were falling back and I was getting closer to the front. I dropped back because I was tired and my foot hurt. Plus I waited for my friend Esrah. We ran the Course and Esrah and I were on our last lap and we waited for more people at the back. At the back of us, I saw that the Yr8 Girls had catch us and we managed to beat them. At the end, We wanted to do a superman jump chain.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Letter to John Key.


I am writing this letter to notify you and make you aware about the problems plastic bags a making around the world.

Plastic is very handy in many ways. It can be melted into bags, cartons, bottles and toys for the kids and much much more. They can also be made into cutlery and cups, so if you’re having a very big feast just stop by your local budget shop and buy some. You can also get bags from shops and supermarkets.

Unfortunately plastic bags have a down side. Some animals in the marine life always starve and when they can’t find food, they mistake plastic bags as food. They can choke, suffocate, get stomach aches and even die. Did you even know that there is a floating island made out of plastic in the ocean?

Plastics have become the most common pollutant in the ocean.They’ve made a huge negative impact to the beaches and our environment. We have discovered huge problems with the marine life, and that’s why we all need to step up to fix this issue.

We should all do something about this problem.It’s damaging our environment and we might have no future. We should all take care of mother nature and stop littering plastic bags around the world. We should be like UK and ban plastic bags. In supermarkets we should use paper bags our cotton bags, even our normal school bags!

In my opinion, we should all ban plastic bags. Not only from shop’s but from supermarkets too. This should be the solution to solve the not only the problem with the marine life but the environmental issues. This could make our world a better place, and could help mother nature in different ways.

I hope that you can do something about this.

Yours Sincerly


Monday, September 1, 2014

The polynesians form..

Why exercising when you're a Kid is very important.

Children like me should exercise every day for a lot of reasons. One of the main reasons kids exercise, is to be very active and fit. Also its good to start off little so you’ll be more experienced when you're older and you could teach younger generations.

One reason for exercising when you're a kid is because you need to stay active and fit. You also need to lose weight and look in shape everywhere you go. Exercising when you're younger is very good so you can improve your stamina and your endurance, also it helps with your mentality strength. Running, Jogging or running is good to maintain your stamina and endurance levels. Exercising when you’re little is very good so you can win cross country and athletic’s and thats why you train when you're a little kid.

Exercising everyday also helps you with your mentality strength. And you can use use your mentality strength and use that strength in other areas for school so you can be very smart. It also strengthens your body so you can handle the cold and so you can get sick, or else your lifespan will go down and you will be sick, unless you get medicated.

You gotta look for the girls too. You need to build muscle and look good so you can get a date. Also you need to get bulky and big so people get scared of you and that when you’re in a fight, you can be big and tough so your hits would be critical. Also doing bench press gives you a big chest and doing weights make your arms bigger.

If you like to play league or sport, training when you’re a kid is a great time to begin. So you can be familiar with the rules and so you could be way faster than the opposition. You need to be fit also because if you’re in a fight and 6 giants come up to you, you can't take them on and you need to run, run and run as fast as you can.

I hope that you get why exercising is really important when you're little to exercise. Even if you're fat you can lose weight and become the best, thats why you need to exercise as a kid, so you can be a league please.

Why taking care of your Mind and Body is very Important.

Your body and your mind is one of the most important things in your life, because our brain is like our engine for our body and our body is the car. I will always look after my body and my family’s too. because I don't wanna lose them or want harm to my body. One way to look after your body is to eat the right foods like Veggies, fruits and meat. We also need to stay hydrated, thats why we drink water or juice.

From those foods and water, we get vitamins, minerals and carbs and much much more. Vitamins, Minerals and much much other things take care of our inside’s like our liver, kidneys, our stomach and most of all our heart. Carbohydrates are what we need for energy and we find those from wheat, bread, pasta and rice. If we don't use those carbs, those carbs turn into fat.

Inside our bodies we have things like our heart, our kidneys, or liver and our digestive system. Our hearts are like gold to us, because without our heart we wouldn't be alive and it takes care of the blood. Our liver in the other hand, is the hardest working thing in our body because it takes care of more than 200 things in our body! Kidney’s help with important things in the body too. People also donate their livers and kidneys to the people who can die, because their ones failed.

Did you know that all humans only use 10 percent of their brains, and that when you around the age of 25 your brain is fully developed? Drugs and Alcohol are shutdowns for our body and mind. Drugs can change the way you act and also can change the way your brain functions. Marijuana is also bad for our bloodstream and can also slow us down in everything.

It also has a chemical which stick’s in your body for 3 months that’s why when you get a drug test you’ll get snapped. Also, it can muck around with your moods, it can make you sad, happy, down, and crossed. Alcohol spirits and wine can also kill you. It puts you in a drunk mood. You can get uncaussions, get double vision and it makes you funny.