Monday, February 18, 2013

My first experience at tech.

My first experience at technology.
As soon as Mr Barks called my name out for hard material work I was excited as can be. So I came early to school and possibly I Might have come too early,
So then I just remembered I had lunch  and ate it.

When we were on our way I didn’t know where we were going, then my friend told me Tamaki College. When we got to there, Mr Dunn had split us up to Yr7 and Yr8 groups.

Well I really didn’t want to be in this class called Graphics Class, and his name was Mr Noble, it was pretty boring until we saw some of his Awesome drawings . Then I thought it was the coolest class. P.s cooking is better than anything because I like the food.

My Goals

My goal in the classroom this Term is to become a more specific and  better writer, get better at making friends and make the right choices.

To achieve these goals I must listen to the teacher read more books and hang out with the right friends.