Monday, March 31, 2014

My Weekends........

I felt relieved that it was the weekend and I also was excited for the Movie in the park that night. Everyone were going to do meet ups at the movie, which was at the reserve. Me Frankie, Auri, Logan, Jonathan, Chris, Hala,  Lorenzo, Zion and Isaaka went to the reserve to watch Cloudy with a chance of meatballs.

We all went to each others houses and waited for them to get changed. When we went to frankies house he gave us some pizza, and we saw some of our boys. Finally the night started, we went and played touch and I got hit by a Ex Student of Pt England. We met some old friends and friends from around the community. I went and bought me some popcorn and everyone was scabbing me.

Sadly the night had ended and I was really Excited for the Weekends! I was very happy when my brother was at home. We woke up and Our uncle went and bought some bacon, eggs and tea bags with bread. We had clean up the house, do the dishes and work on the boat. Our boat looks Awesome. We also had to fix the toilet because someone heavy cracked the seat. Later that they in the afternoon, Me and My brother were playing passes and he threw the ball at the Kitchen window and cracked it.

On Sunday, we done nearly nothing the whole day but watch Tv. I had a shower and My brother went home to get changed for His boarding school at Wesley College. Me, My aunty and my mum dropped him off to school. After that we drove Back to Auckland and went to St Pierre Sushi place in Glen Innes. I picked the jumbo avocado and chicken sushi it was Delish, during our eating my mum said to be healthy. Then after we went to St Pierre, we went to Pizza Hut. Then on that night My Aunt bought us some Chocolate Ice cream, with chocolate sauce and fruit salad.  Then on Monday I had school, and couldn't wait till the weekends.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sports at Tamaki College..

Tamaki college, Invited 3 classrooms( Class 2, Class 4 and Class 5) from Pt England to participate in P.E at tamaki. Tamaki, located in Glen Innes is where we go. We go tamaki every thursday, but it was changed to friday. Its good for Fitness, having fun with your friends, exercising and getting out of the classroom.

This is runned by Level 2 Yr12’s and this is part of their course, if they collect enough points then they points so this is important. Its good also to lose weight, avoid diabetes and to get healthier. it is held behind the Recreation centre, when we met the breakers we went there. Students at tamaki always see us playing outside, while there inside.

First, we get into 7 groups of 10, and then we get sent to different activities each week.  We go   Through a variety of  activities Like the Trust fall, High Jump, Obstacle course and chain tag. My favourite one that I’ve experienced it the Sprinting Race.

We get Into two groups, and line up at the start, next we have to sprint to the other side where the Bamboo sticks are, then we pick it up and spin with the stick on our nose and our eyes are looking at the tip.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cyclone Lusi...

What is a cyclone? A cyclone is similar to a tornado but more deadlier. Cyclones can take down tree’s buildings and Cars. When its windy and skies are cloudy you’ll know that the cyclone is coming. It rains, and goes very windy during one.   

Cyclones come at certain times but we don't know when.  Wait how is a cyclone formed? It is made by massive waves that get caught up in a tornado whichs spins the same as earth and heads anywhere the wind is heading.
As the news reporter said, people were told to stay indoors as some people had died and people injured, in the southern hemisphere in the Pacific. The cyclone left severe damage to some houses, and left some families with devastation.  Power outages, water outage and food outage, but if people don't have food they’ll have to survive.

In town, the waves were getting rough and boats were in for a ride. The cyclone also flooded some buildings in town. In some of the photos that were taken during the cyclone, people were at the bridge bombing and swimming, It was very dangerous.  

Friday, March 7, 2014

My 3D Boat.

I made My toy using Sketchup, a 3D designing program used for 3D Objects but mini. Its special because we need it to plan and make stuff. We use it for learning and creating , mostly for inquiry after lunch. Its good we have a 3D printer at our school, because people can learn drawing skills and people who are skilled, teach the unpro people. We use it by using Icons on the top bar. There are varieties of things you can make, and do.Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.53.19 am.pngThis is my toy that I made. As my teacher gave our class a Task by making a toy for the kids they can use during free time or rainy days. I made a boat with an Engine, Steering wheel and a Gage. I Used Sketchup, and Used colors from my Colour bar. I curved under the boat with the curve tool, and brought the engine from the 3D warehouse.