Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tamaki end of Term 2

After hard working and drama spreading we have finnaly finished Term 2 at Tamaki College.

Monday, December 8, 2014

My Weekends

Finally the hard work at school was finished, it was time to take a break in the weekends. I Was very happy that I could take a break off school. As I was getting ready to go to my nanas house, they told me that there was a birthday for my little cousin. I was filled with excitement to see and celebrate my cousin Juniors birthday. So, it was on Saturday and it was Friday I played games all night and listened to music. 

The next morning, I was very exhausted from all that gaming last night, and that delicious KFC Chicken Hmmmm! It was time to dress up for The Birthday, I wore my Michael Jordan Nike Singlet, My Black Leather Converse, My Jordan Socks and my Brown Cargos. I had an awesome time bonding with my cousins and the birthday boy. Later the next day, my auntie flew from Sydney back to NZ for a visit.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jump Jam

         JUMP JAM
Jump Jam is a fitness program and a “KIDS Aerobics” for all little kids to sweat and lose weight. Its a similar programme Zumba. Jump jam has a variety of songs and dance routines that could get you going in 2 weeks. To start you have to purchase a CD Bundle containing all your CD’s. It originated in New Zealand, And now its been used in Singapore and western Aussie. Did you know Jump Jam Has adopted 90% of all New Zealand Primary schools? Thats amazing right? Theres also a Similar programme for little kids in kindgarden called "Wiggle Jam"

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yr8 Camp Writing

In the weekends, I got my gear ready and packed my bags so that I can go on a camp up the line at whangarei. Its near a little community of marsden and is a peaceful and tranquilizing place to live. We went there and spent 4 days experiencing the awesome activities like, the flying fox, the home made waterslide, kayaking and archery, we also had fun memories playing volley ball.

When I was on my way to Pt England, I was really excited to be out of auckland. Finally I got dropped off to school I waved my mum goodbye, and saw my friend lukis. We walked with each other to the hall so we can get called our group names and to meet up with everyone. My name got called out and I was in the group Ruakaka B. I saw plenty of my other friends and was excited that all the boys were gonna kickback and hangout also bond like brothers.

We were on our way, I waved at all the mums and teachers watching us lift off. This was gonna be a week to remember. The journey took close to about 2-3 hours in total from Auckland ,G.I Pt England to Whangarei Marsden Bay Camp. But there was a twist, we went for an hours bushwalk through a very hard, muddy and huffing and puffing course. I stayed in the back for most of the time, then as we went further I went farrer to the front.

Finally the Course had come to an end and I was really happy it was. WE had a We went for little morning tea then went on a 30 minute walk ahead to a beach. We had free time, we could go for a swim in the very cold water, look for mussels, play at the rocks, build sand stuff or just enjoy the sun. I went for a swim then went and buried myself so I could look like a mermaid. It was time to go to the real action at camp.

We finally arrived at camp and unloaded all the bags and gear. I was amazed at how clean and fun it looked. Then the owner, took us on a very cool tour around the camp site. I saw the flying fox and the waterslide they may have been the only highlights at camp. Then we got to go to our awesome cabins and have free time and most of the Yr8’s showered. I was In Frankie, Logan, Texas and Lukis cabin.

It was time to experience my first afternoon at camp, I went to volleyball. I really loved volley because the court was entirely sand! I never knew I had a lot skill at volleyball, then I went on the deck and hanged out and played songs on the guitar. Shortly after that, we had dinner and dessert and the food was delicious and great tasting. Then we have 30 minutes free time and then meet back at the deck. We played games, and sang songs then shortly after that it was sleep time.

On the next day we got a surprise, all of the boys had to run around the field at 6 in the morning! It was freezing like 100 bags of Ice Cubes all around my feet. After that hard run, my foot felt very numb, then we got ready for breakfast. We had a good day planned and I was very happy, we had to pack our lunch and get our day pack. Our first activity was archery, I was a beginner so it was difficult. I never got a any of the targets and I failed. And to top it off, it started raining above us.

Our second activity was an indoor activity, so we had to get dried up before we could continue. So, we had the cooking challenge which was when we have to start a fire and make eggs and marshmallows, the old fashioned way. When we started, WE had received an orange between two. The aim, was to make poached eggs using the orange’s, in a fire. So we had to scoop the insides of the orange and use that as an bowl for our eggs to cook in. We foiled our babies, then we cooked them inside the centre of the burning fire. After a while, I got my one out and ate my poached egg and it was really delicious.

After eating that delicious poached egg, we made another meal, a marshmallow with 2 thin biscuits as buns for your marshmallow sandwiches. We had to first cook the marshmallow until its fully brown, then put the two biscuits on each side. Sadly my Marshmallows always turned out to be black. I was really full and I was happy we had free time. I played basketball in the hall with my friends. I never knew I had skills at basketball too. Lastly our last activity was kayaking at a lake not far from camp.

At kayaking, we got some advice from one of the helpers about kayaking and the boundaries at the lake. We got in our kayaks and went down the river, our helper asked us if we wanted a race around, I looked back and everyone had left and couldn't handle the cold rain. I came first and I never knew I had skill at kayaking too. I helped pack away the kayaks and I was freezing cold. I got my gear and left the lake and walked back to the camp base.

I got back to school and had a rinse off and dried up for lunch. Lunch was another amazing meal. After that, I got our stuff and showered. I finally was warm and I was happy that we had free time. Sadly it was raining which meant that the sand on the Volleyball court and I was sad but luckily the movie room was open. I stayed and played with all my friends, we went on the piano and I waited patiently for dinner and dessert. We had another great meal and another tasty dessert and I was very full on the very yum food. The movie had started, we got to get our sleeping bags and pillows.

The movie was about a person who had to save his schools music class. He needed to get $4,000 to help save the music programme. He didn't have any ideas for cash, so he joined cage fighting. He started off as a noob but as he trained, trained and trained. So he worked his way up into the professional fighting. He got organised a fight at UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) So hes won and saved his school music programme. Overall I thought it was an great movie, so did the others.

On the last day We had to go surf ed and learn some Surfing skill at a beach out of marsden. I was really paying attention and learnt a lot of stuff. On the last Night we had to Go to a camp fire and perform group performances. We sang songs and We were all happy. On the last day we went to waiwera and spent the day there its a pool function. I went home and was happy to see my sister and family.  

Monday, October 20, 2014

Why is it Important to have School/ Class rules.

Why is it Important to have School/ Class rules.

Rules are the most important thing to be remembered, and also you’re manners. Today Im going to be writing about why school rules are really important. It is really important to have rules and I'm going to be writing about. It can ruin your chance of getting a scholar to a good College.

If Schools like Pt England did not have rules, people wouldn't know if they’re pushing their luck and their boundaries. Schools would be really bad and there would be a lot of disrespectful kids walking around. There would be a lot of graffiti on the walls and a lot of talking and disrespect going to the teacher. A lot of violence were to happen, People with no school uniform would appear and even bullying would happen to the helpless students.

Without rules, Kids would have a lot of freedom and that freedom can lead to a lot of dodgy things. The teacher wouldn't want to be teaching anymore, and if that continues in other classes also can lead to a shutdown school, an abandoned school and it can even get replaced. In the school properties, there are a lot of updated school supplies like Mac computers, Ipads and Netbooks, thats why you need to be responsible and take charge of your stuff.

Its compulsory to watch your back, because people could come out of no where and shank you. It would be dangerous going in the corridor, and even going to the toilets. People would cause a lot of chaos and that can lead to mob fights and also deaths. Students, who get bullied sometimes need protecting and thats why they get police to help.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Term 4 Immersion Assembly writing.

Sadly our 2 Week holiday came to an end. It was sad that it was over and also happy school was starting. Everyone was so happy to see their mates and teachers. As I was walking to school I saw my Classmates Frankie, Texas, Lukis and Anthony. They were shouting “Sup Toni” as Toni is my nickname at school.  

Everyone walked in to class filled with excitement to see the rest of the class and the teacher. We all said What's up to each other and talked about our Awesome holidays. Our topic is ART ATTACK. Mrs Lagitupu Said “line up for Immersion Assembly” and we all went outside. We were also excited to see our friends in the other classes.

We walked to the hall and saw my other friends, they said “Play touch at lunch?” I said “Yes” . We sat down and got introduced to our new topic Art attack by Mr Burt. He had a Ipad Mini Strapped to his chest with duct tape and it was very funny.

First Team 1’s Item was about the Environment and How they are going to go the the beach to collect natural items around the beach, and use it for art.

Next Team 2 had a movie at the beginning about the 3 primary colors, which are Red, Blue and yellow, and how they can make every other Color in the world. Then they came on the stage and threw chocolate fishes everywhere.

After that Team 3 had made a little walkthrough with some very very famous painters. The only two I remember were Leonardo Da Vinci and Andy Warhol. I also learnt new painting styles like pointillism, when you do dots for painting, and drip painting .

Team 4 had something similar to Team 3’s act. They were acting like very famous painters and there were a lot of famous painters. They all had their own painting styles and different expressions in painting. The one that caught my eye was the Tapa painting.

Lastly the Team 5 teachers did 3 portraits of the Important people in our school. Mr Burt, Mr Jacobsen and Mrs Jarman. They really looked simple, basic and original. Everyone was shocked when they Flipped the portraits over, they crowed went ”WOOOW”