Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immersion Assembly - Term 3 2014

As I  walked through the gate’s of Pt England I was very excited and I was really looking forward to school, and seeing my school mate’s. The first thing I did was walk straight to my classroom. Then I saw my 2 mate’s Brandon and James. When our teacher came she told us to take our bag’s inside, then line up for Immersion assembly. Our topic for 2014 Term 3 was “Game on”

We walked to the hall and saw that every teacher was dressed up as countries with flag’s on their back’s, it felt like I was walking into a circus act. As we took as seat we saw our te reo  teacher Miss tito, riding her racing bike on the stage. We were listening to the intro song. Then Mr Jacobsen (Our Co-Principle) was our principle because our real principle was in england visiting his daughter. Mr Jacobsen ridden his bike to the front of the hall and said “Welcome to SCHOOL!”

Team 1’s performance was about the Olympic’s and Where all the athlete’s came from. The movie was also funny because they green screened and Mrs george was the queen also she was the star of the movie. At the end all the teacher’s got up one the stage and bowed down, and the also introduced a new teacher. Team 2 Had a movie about the olympic’s too. They were dressed up and very humorous. Everyone laughed and were very shocked to how funny Mrs She was.

Team 3 Did a very funny performance with teacher’s acting and dancing as athlete’s from the Glasgow commonwealth games. Mrs barks was the talker/speech person. They were very funny and their performance was good. Team 4 did a movie and also got the crowd moving and laughing. They were dressed up as they’re colors from their country’s. The Star of the movie was the reggae teacher.

Team 5 was the adventure movie. All teachers in the Team 5 block traveled around the world. Mrs nua traveled to spain, Mrs Squire’s traveled, Mrs Clarke went to New york, Mrs paget went to Atlanta - US, and Mrs Lagitupu stayed in NZ. They all had a adventure over sea’s. Over all, this Immersion assembly was awesome and cool.

Friday, July 4, 2014

AFL (Aussie Rules)

Australian Football League, Known as AFL Or Aussie rules, is a sport that Pt england school is Learning this term. Tim is our instructor and our coach, there is also some other teachers at AFL but he’s the best Instructor.  We Learnt a lot of skills including The Ice Cream scoop, the punt and our Catching techniques like the Chest catch, the speckie catch and the jump and catch one. AFL Is one of the most paid & played sport in australia. Aussie rules is very different too League or Rugby union, especially the goalposts and the points.

AFL was first founded in 1858, there are 2,659 Clubs in australia. To tackle you could just tackle them or hop on their shoulder with all your wait to shut them down. There are 12 bounces you do with the ball because you need to pass it to get to the goal but you’re only allowed 17 walks so you have to be strategic. In total there are 790,905 players in the world at the moment. WE were taught aussie rules when we were Yr5 ! AFL is a very fun sport for kids and their fitness, I Recommand AFL to every one.