Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you letter.

Dear Parent,

Thank you for attending our Picnic for 2014 at the Pt England reserve with Class 2 (Rm 21). Your help was needed because if we didn’t have enough helpers we wouldn't be able to have a picnic. Without you’s we wouldn't be safe. Without your help we wouldn't have fun and without your eyes we could be hurt.
  I mostly played softball while we were there, because mostly all my friends were there. I just loved pitching the  most, because I make it easy for them to hit and maybe a fast-pitch. We have a Picnic nearly every year .

My favourite memory at the picnic was bombing of the big rock. I liked it because everyone was having fun, front flipping and V bombing. Lastly I would like to thank you again for coming.

Kind Regards.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Interviewing the Yr1's and Yr2's..

On Wednesday, Class 2 went over to the village where all new entrance and year 2’s learn. We interviewed the kids for ideas for toys they’d like in their classrooms, as Mrs Lagitupu gave us a task to design toys for the kids they can use in free time.

I interviewed Josh and Piripa, Josh(aged 6) loves toys like Motorbikes, Superheroes and Ben 10. Piripi (aged 6) was my favourite, because he actually spoke out what he wanted but Josh just copied others. Piripi Loves toys like Dinosaurs, Mine-craft Minis and Guns.

Using a 3D Printer, we all have to pick a toy and print it out, but we have to think about the time lapse and how big it will be…

My Netbook....

Net books, little laptops that we use for learning around the Tamaki cluster. It is Important that we take care of these laptops because you’ll need them for work and when you break it, you’ll have to pay. With a Built In webcam, speaker, and mouse it is very fragile and a little bit of my may break it. I've had my net book for 4 years and I've had many things break on my net book. WE started getting net books ever since 2009 when a very kind man named “Nevin” who Donated a quarter of a million dollars to help us learn better and faster. Well we use Google to write about things that happen at our school like how William came to the P.e.s to give 100 thousand dollars, and post it in Blogger to share around the world.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Empathy Means..

Empathy, its an emotion that is felt by other people around you who are experiencing the same feeling as you. For example, if your Mum went to Tonga, then you would be very sad, your brother feels the same way as you. Or, if someone had passed away everyone who went to the funeral would feel the same as you, you get it?

If you still dont get it I’ll do another example. If you got a rugby injury it will really sting and start to bruise, other people who have experienced it with feel your pain, it will will make you cry or even if you got hit harder you could have been in the hospital.

Its like an ability to understand other people, seeing through other peoples eyes, and putting yourself into their shoes. Its about you caring for others and others caring for you, looking out for one another and understanding what people around you are going through.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Holiday Highlights:)

My favourite highlights from my holidays were,  Christmas, going to my Nans house and driving down to Pukekohe. During my holidays, we drove to Pukekohe for my older brothers interview, for Wesley College. We waited an hour for his interview, and when he came back I was shocked that he got accepted.

5 days After school had finished, Christmas would be here so I was very excited. I talked to my brother and asked him what he’d think he would be getting, he said I would get some boots and a phone at least. My cousins, Paula & aki, always come from Hamilton for special occasions. The last day finally came and I stayed up until 12:00am. The morning came and everyone ran to the lounge and sat down, we got presents but my favourite was my new Android phone..

Weeks later we got him prepared for school, and bought his uniform, stationary and shoes. The whole family was their to say good bye. Lastly we finished the day off with a good Tongan Prey. On the last two weeks of my holidays, I went to go spend time with my dad’s side of the family and went church, and sang all day long.

Sadly my holidays were coming to an end, and I was really looking forward to school. We bought new uniform and sandals. I was really happy and excited, on the last day of my holidays it was awesome, because we went to the mall and went shopping, then I got home and slept at 8:30…