Monday, May 26, 2014

Why Swim Important.

Swimming is very important because water is nearly everywhere in New Zealand. Its one of the most important things in nz, because we have lots of beaches and Swimming pools around, and because families always go the beach when its hot and if a big waves come and drag you out into the dark sea, you're dead.

New Zealand had one of the most highest drowning rates in the world. Drowning is the 3rd most caused deaths in New Zealand thats why learning to swim is very important because it can prevent death in so much ways. In fact I live near the swimming pools and I always the pools to help improve my swimming, but Im Trespassed.

Say if you went out fishing with your dad and you caught a big 90kg fish and your little dinghy capsized and you and your dad had no life jackets and it was in the middle of the ocean at Five in the afternoon, your dads lives at risk, your own life is at stake.


  1. Anotonio, you have done well at describing the dangers that could occur if we didn't know how to swim. You are right, there is a lot of water around New Zealand and we are highly likely to be in the water, especially over summer.

    I also like that you pointed out what could possibly happen at the beach. We need to also know how to read tricky situations around water.

    You have given good reasons for learning to swim. You also used fact to justify your reasons, this is a vital part of writing a good explanation. Do you have any ideas as to what would be your next steps in getting better at explanation writing?