Friday, September 21, 2012

Olympic's day...:-)

Yesterday I had the mosts Coolest day in term 3, as you know that the topic for this term is Go for gold which is the Olympics. Every body were split up into teams which are in the Olympics, I was in the Sweden team and Samson was our leader. At the beginning all the teams were marching around the court and I was holding up our flag.

At the first games we played rounders, short for Baseball but it wasn't really rounders. The twist was that we had to kick the ball as far as we can. When we started, wales had got the pen and they received and we were fielding. I was first base and everybody else were on the other bases. They hit the ball and in total at the all I got 9 of them out.

At the end we were all tired and hungry, well on I was the only one that was, but at least we had fun for once right, That was the best-est day in term 3 History and on Friday NZ has Loud shirt day for the death people. :-)

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