Monday, August 6, 2012

My Weekends

In the weekend I went over to my aunt's house to go visit my aunty who just came from Aussie.  The things we did at my aunt's house was kickback have a feed and just play games and watch tv. After that we went to the Dunkirk park with my little cousin and my brother and played on the slide, the swing and the seesaw. The last place we went was beach, and we just kicked back again and then we went to the shops to get some fire wood to light up at her house.

After that we went back to my mom's house to have a rest, and to just have a sleep and have dinner, which was chicken nibbles with coke. The next day we went to the pools and went to the small pool, to help my little cousin swim there, after that we went to get some Mcdonalds and some wendys. Then after that we went to the field to go play some kicks with my uncle.

But now it was time for my aunty to go and I am really gonna miss her. It was a long drive to the airport but she had to go back to aussie cause she lived there but she just comes here often to visit the kids. But now I miss her because it's like boring without her and my little cousin was cryin when she left, but really I do Miss her. :-)


  1. Hi Antonio

    I have enjoyed reading about your weekend. What a lot of feasting you had on one weekend! If you were a snake you wouldn't need to eat for a week after that :)
    Your Aunt sounds like a very special person and it is a shame she lives so far away.

    Keep sharing your work - it makes us smile :)

    Mrs Burt