Monday, October 20, 2014

Why is it Important to have School/ Class rules.

Why is it Important to have School/ Class rules.

Rules are the most important thing to be remembered, and also you’re manners. Today Im going to be writing about why school rules are really important. It is really important to have rules and I'm going to be writing about. It can ruin your chance of getting a scholar to a good College.

If Schools like Pt England did not have rules, people wouldn't know if they’re pushing their luck and their boundaries. Schools would be really bad and there would be a lot of disrespectful kids walking around. There would be a lot of graffiti on the walls and a lot of talking and disrespect going to the teacher. A lot of violence were to happen, People with no school uniform would appear and even bullying would happen to the helpless students.

Without rules, Kids would have a lot of freedom and that freedom can lead to a lot of dodgy things. The teacher wouldn't want to be teaching anymore, and if that continues in other classes also can lead to a shutdown school, an abandoned school and it can even get replaced. In the school properties, there are a lot of updated school supplies like Mac computers, Ipads and Netbooks, thats why you need to be responsible and take charge of your stuff.

Its compulsory to watch your back, because people could come out of no where and shank you. It would be dangerous going in the corridor, and even going to the toilets. People would cause a lot of chaos and that can lead to mob fights and also deaths. Students, who get bullied sometimes need protecting and thats why they get police to help.

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