Thursday, April 7, 2011


When we went to play baseball, we saw Cola walking with his bag which has bases, gloves and baseballs. When I was fielding i had to be focused and ready, I was on base 2. As i was waiting on the field for a person to hit the ball I watched James walk up to the base. It was his turn to take a bat. Jame’s hit was so awsome that it went really far. I chased after it but he had it it so far that he got to first base faster than I could. He was safe!

Later on as I was fielding i saw Frankie, he was a professional! When he hit the ball they told me to get it but he made it to 2nd base. I almost got him out but he just got away. I was excited to finally switch to batting . When it was Neo’s turn, i was so excited I was sitting on the edge of my seat . So when cola said batter up!, i was watching the game closely.
He hi it, and it went so far that Neo got a home run! Finally our team Pepsi got a Point . When it was my turn to hit I had butterflies in my tummy. When i hit the ball Fankie got me out and that was game over for me.

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  1. Wow Antonio! Fantastic writing and a really cool animation to compliment your writing. Well done. Next time when you edit your writing double check you have capital I's and no spaces before fullstops. Great work Antonio.