Thursday, March 22, 2012

Year 5&6 camp.

On a beautiful sunny week, our Yr 5 & 6 students had a three day camp on. It started on Wednesday, and went until Friday which was the last day. On our camp there were 6 teams and we had our items too, which was awesome and I hope you like my recount.

The thing I am was looking forward to Is roller blading and kayaking. The reason why I was looking forward to roller blading was because I have not done roller skating in 2 years and I need to improve in it. And the reason Im looking forward to kayaking is because I have not been able to go swimming and do kayaking at all.

The thing that I remember being funny, was when we did our item for the concert. Mr Somerville forgot to cut the music, and we did not have moves for that part. So we just followed Grace’s moves, and we survived it. We had a good reaction thanks to Grace.

My goal for camp was to change my behaviour and improve my kayaking skills. The reason my goal Is to change my behavior is because I was most told off then before. And I achieved it, and my kayaking I achieved that goal too because I kayaked to the red pole and back to the beach that's how I achieved it.

Well its been a tough week, and everyone was really tired from that long day at Swimarama. The thing I was most sad about is camp ending.

I miss camp already.

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