Monday, October 14, 2013

Holiday Writing Sample

This Morning we had 40mins to write about anything we wanted. From this we are going to set some writing goals for the term. Here is was I Wrote.

The highlight of my holiday was everything, From Gaming to Pools and also Outdoor activities. I stay up at night often because Gaming keeps me Entertained for a while. I loved going pools and enjoying the fun with my Friends and Cousins.

Also I like playing outside because there's always something fun to do. My daily routine was just breakfast pool then gaming when I come back home for some reason.

I was happy because the holidays were just kicking off. Sometimes I sleep in the middle of the day because its always too Hot or to cold for anything. I always have to do chores to play game or do anything fun like doing jobs like  the dishes & cleaning the lounge but I got no pocket money, only the 50c I found on the Ground.

 Sadly I never got to go visit my Nan’s House,which is awful but thats life.
The holidays were a bit boring because I wanted to go school and I couldn't wait to come. I Most loved cooking food for the family, Under supervision. Sadly the holidays were coming to an end and I had to start Sleeping early now to get good sleep for school.
That’s My Holiday Writing Sample….

My goal this term in writing is to use metephors, and similes and also to add alot of effective paragraphs, and sentences. I want to get better at my writing because im a bit below in my age. Last but not least I need a Hook so people could understand it.

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