Friday, March 21, 2014

Cyclone Lusi...

What is a cyclone? A cyclone is similar to a tornado but more deadlier. Cyclones can take down tree’s buildings and Cars. When its windy and skies are cloudy you’ll know that the cyclone is coming. It rains, and goes very windy during one.   

Cyclones come at certain times but we don't know when.  Wait how is a cyclone formed? It is made by massive waves that get caught up in a tornado whichs spins the same as earth and heads anywhere the wind is heading.
As the news reporter said, people were told to stay indoors as some people had died and people injured, in the southern hemisphere in the Pacific. The cyclone left severe damage to some houses, and left some families with devastation.  Power outages, water outage and food outage, but if people don't have food they’ll have to survive.

In town, the waves were getting rough and boats were in for a ride. The cyclone also flooded some buildings in town. In some of the photos that were taken during the cyclone, people were at the bridge bombing and swimming, It was very dangerous.  

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