Friday, April 11, 2014

FIA FIA 2014 !!

Fia Fia 2014 is here!! We are having a Cultural dance concert and some singing groups are coming. All at Pt England, Fia fia has been on for a long time and I've been apart of the Tongan Group for all that time.

My highlights were Dancing in the Tongan group, getting my new haircut and also getting ready with all of my Tongan brothers. Some other highlights was eating chop suey and relaxing with my friends. I felt sad that this was our last time performing for Pt England. Our tutor said “Were Performing for Tonga, Repping Tonga and our families” with pride. 

I felt nervous being next on the stage, waiting nervously for the fijian dance to finish, talking to the boys about the dance. Finally we had our dance and I felt angry and our Haka was loud as. The conditions of the weather was nice and chilly not to cold not to hot but at least we had a great night.

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