Tuesday, June 17, 2014

State Of Orgin.

Every year ever since 1908, two states have been facing off each year. They are rivals to each other. One name of a team is New South Wales, and their rival is Queensland. Queensland have been on a 9 year streak without losing a year.

In the olden day Nsw use to win every year for 19 years, their tool was the 1st Five, Andrew Johns. Andrew Johns were the Nsw’s winning tool, he did great kick without a miss. He had a famous kick the Death Bomb which is a kick that goes extremely high.

Sadly Andrew Johns had retired leaving only leaving QueensLand with an advantage to win and come back at New South Wales. Ever Since then QLD have been winning their games exept 2005 when Andrew Came back and helped them win but Andrew Johns got caught with drugs and had to stop playing League. I hope that New South Wins this year because We won Game 1 in 2014.

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