Monday, June 16, 2014

Pt England Vs St Peter's College.

On Wednesday the 11th St Peters College’s rugby team traveled all the way to Pt England to have a friendly rugby match. It was cool because I was in the rugby team, my position was prop and I was really nervous when our team started, it was pretty dumb because I was reserve. I was not allowed to play because my behaviour in class was bad and not good. I was on my last chance to redeem my self in class then My teacher allowed me to play.

We all got ready and sorted out our uniform and positions, the cool thing was that the ref was my Friend Frankie's dad. At Kick off I was sitting on the sideline waiting for my coach to put me on I was really desperate for time to play. Our full back Jabez got a runaway try and we converted our try, our team was the first to score. We got more into the game, intensity was higher and everyone was angry and played hard, our team started losing possession on the field and St Peter's got a trie they, converted successfully.

Sadly Pt England had lost and all our anger was drained and we said our cheers and shaked hands. Over all I think that the game we had was awesome and hard work, especially the feed we got from our coach which was Fish ‘n Chips and bread plus a drink, then we had riverside.

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