Friday, June 13, 2014

Technology At Tamaki.

Every now and then Intermediate students from Pt england have been walking down to tamaki for tech for over 4 years. There are two days when we normally go, its tuesday & thursday. There are 3 different stations at tech, 1 is Food tech where you cook and create dishes and eat it all while you’re there, Number 2 is hard materials where you make and create your own stuff like necklaces and decorations for your house, Lastly theres graphics where you draw pictures and create little things out of paper.  

You have to do your very best at everything because all your scores you get at tech appears on your report card. My first time at tech was amazing because we had food tech. The first meal we made was fruit salad and it was DELICIOUS! And we learn new things which is good for our future as adults. We get privileges that some schools around our area don't have. Thats why going to tamaki for tech is a gift from them.

My favourite station was hard material because I really liked using new tools for cutting our template for our necklace made out of metal. I feel really good going tamaki because we get out of class for the morning and have something to work on at home if we're bored, and it gets us ready for life at college. We also get to have our stuff that we create too.

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