Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush... :-)

There were were two adults named John and Jasmine, they were babysitting their friends baby named rose. One of the John had to go to the shops to buy some baby food and some milk for the baby. While she was gone, jasmine wanted to go for a bushwalk, then they left.

When they were at the start of the bush it was very sunny, but then it got too sunny. When they were walking, 3 trees caught on fire and it was surrounding Jasmine and Rose, Jasmine sprinted through the gap but she tripped and she was in danger with the baby. When John came back from the store, He read the note that Jasmine left so he called her but she did not answer.

John drove to the bush and he saw that Jasmine and Rose was surrounded by the flames the he ran back home and got the fire extinguisher then drove as fast as he can to the bush and put it off and then said “Are you fine Jasmine” then Jasmine said “Yes”. Then they got out of the bush walk and drove back home.

I think that Jasmine and the baby would have died there if John didn't come but I still think this story is still great to read. :-)

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