Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Highlights

It was awesome being in Room 22, competing in sports, and all the friends I made. I liked being in the street because we had rotation which was literary or art and I liked art. I liked playing touch with my friends. I liked the people in my class but a little bit people had to go other schools. It was my first time experiencing Being in Intermediate which was great. I love sports but mostly I love rugby because we always played on saturdays for Marist, This was one of my big highlights.

Another thing I liked was my Reading as I improved and went up 2 and a half years. I also have gone up in my Maths, I know all of my Yr7 Strategy's. Im not so good on my writing so thats the thing I need to work on next year. I hope that report card is alright, so I don't get a growl from my mum. Its all so my brothers last year and he said he can't wait to leave P.E.S and leave to College.

Another good highlight is going to action world when the Yr8’s went to camp. So the things I need to work on next year is my behaviour and my writing and my Yr8 Strategies. I also have to think about what I say and keep my hands to myself because I’ve been on A Lot of detentions,and another goal is to have less detentions next year. Its been great so far in room twenty two, but its sad how the Yr8’s are leaving.

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