Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Highlights From action world.

On Friday the 6th of December, the Yr7's went to action world, Because the Yr8's went to Rotorua for camp. My favourite highlight has got to be the Tram-peez, Because it was very high and I was scared. We have to walk up a big ladder, Walk on the ledges and grab the bar, We had to lean back to go farer in the air. I jumped and Swung to times, Then We had to jump off at the time the instructor says. Another good Activity was the Jousting Bridge, Because its one where you have to people Versing and they have Bud things, So the aim is to win and throw them off, You can play Unarmed or Armed. And lastly my favourite other  thing was on the bus, we were all driving and singing.

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