Friday, August 1, 2014

Tonga writing.

Tonga is located East of the map in the South Pacific ocean. It is part of many islands which are in the circle. Tonga is one of the most smallest pacific islands. In total there are 171 islands in Tonga. The population of people in Tonga is a whopping 105,000. Everyone in tonga is dark brown because the sun is always on them. Also, their sites are awesome like the see, the islands, volcanos especially the clean minerals of the sea water in the pacific.

There also is a humongous Volcano in a island. Did you know in the early 17’s and 16’s Tongans used to sing Samoan songs because it was traditional back then. From then on, Tonga developed their own language and also wrote Tongan songs. Also, did you know that Niue and Tonga have similar words, they sound the same. Im also a proud Tongan too.

Tongans also do Umu’s, which are underground ovens, they’re similar to hangi’s in maori. In Tonga, mostly Everyone speaks Tongan, also some Tongans speak English too. Mostly everyone in Tonga love playing the sport rugby,cricket and soccer because it’s fun and you lose weight. Tongans are also fit and like to climb coconut tree’s.

There are also traditional dance called the Kailao and Sipi tau which are Tongan war dance for men, there is also a dance called a Tau'olunga for the girls. They also wear tongan oil so they can be shiny and so they can get money to stick on them from the people that are impressed of their dance. Their flag is a red cross on the top left corner and the rest is all red. It is to represent Jesus’s blood and how the Lord died for us.


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