Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Education.

For the past couple of Years, Lynn and Harold have been traveling to different schools throughout New Zealand. It’s now time that Harold came back to our school. This is the last year that Harold will be visiting the Yr 8’s because this is our last year in Primary.

This Year the Yr8’s and 7’s have been learning about drugs and alcohol and how they can affect us as we move on in our life into secondary school and adulthood.  

During our first lesson, we met six people and they had problems with drugs and alcohol. They did not know what the consequences would be and weren't thinking when they were using drugs.  

In the second lesson, we learnt about spirit’s and also alcohol. We also learnt about what drugs can do to your inside’s. Our class also viewed a movie about the six people who started taking drugs and one of them died. I also learnt about inhalants, NOS, Cocaine and Meth and other bad drugs.

On our last lesson, we learnt about a kid from Kings College who overdosed in alcohol at a party on saturday night. He was known to be the fittest i his grade and he was an all rounder. We also got viewed pictures of people who drank too much alcohol and went over the top.


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