Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Brief reflection On Term 1

I think I’ve achieved being a good student and that I must still focus on my behaviour and attitude when it comes down to learning and listening to the teacher. I have achieved doing my work when I have time to and also when its the time when we read our book’s.

Next term I must still need to focus on being a helpful, wise, intelligent and also work on my behaviour in class. I must still focus on my learning and my listening, I also have to finish my work in class instead of staying in class and finishing my work.

I think that this Term has been an awesome opportunity to see new people, see who our teachers would be, also to have a fresh start and become an good boy in my Class. I think the best thing this term was going tech, this would be good and would help us in the future.

Next term Im looking forward to meeting new kids and focus on my behaviour also to be a better person writer, reader and math Kid. Also to be in the PEPA Rap group like last year and to verse other schools for rugby and other sport’s.

1 comment:

  1. You have made a great start to the year Antonio. I know you have been trying so hard to manage yourself and make good choices in the classroom Keep it up!
    Mrs Nua