Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Camp Argument, Xavier/Jacob/Antonio

In my opinion, I think We should have a Year 7 and 8 camp. I think that Is an awesome opportunity to have more experience at learning new stuff that we could use for the future. For example The thing about camp I like is kicking it with the boys and doing sport, archery and all kinds of stuff. It’s also a good chance for people to take responsibility and take charge of things and of others as well. at our school , but that’s only if there would still be Camp. It gives us an chance to do stuff we didn’t know we could do.

Another good reason to have camp is take charge and take responsibility at camp you must behave and take leadership at camp. it is great getting out of the classroom and enjoy the fun and kick back. Another good reason to have camp is to have a chance to get to know more people and to meet new people and explore other places.

Furthermore I think camp gives us the time to kick back and have fun with our mates. Also its great to get out of the classroom and get fit,  active and healthy.
Its also a time when we can meet peoples parents have fun and be able to have an go on thing we didn’t know we could do. Performing for the other teams on the stage shows that you have courage and confindence.

This year I think that we should of had a camp for the year 7 and 8’s should of had a camp. Now we miss out on kayaking, going to the beach and going to the pool.

Seeing the little kids have fun and talk about how cool it was made me kind of sad. After they went to the pools I was kind of jealous.

As the little kids walked to go kayaking I felt like they were better than us. Because they get to have fun while we are in class. You get spend more time with your friends and make new ones.

Swimming at the beach is fun it teaches you that its different then the pool because there is a current that can pull you out to sea. You get to jump of the rocks at the pt england beach.

Next year I hope that the staff members and parents will think about this when they have another home-school-partnership-meeting and consider having a year 7&8 camp next year.

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