Friday, April 19, 2013

Fiafia Night.

Well, to be honest I really wanted more time to practice the Tongan groups, Kailao. The Kailao is an war dance made from the warriors who fought against other's for their freedom. Let's talk about the dance now, The dance had took place On the field just where people play rugby and other sports, also we had an big Marki just that if it rains there would be a protection. The courts was where the audience and  all the other groups sat, they also had carpets so that it could be comfortable, plus there were food stands around the entrance.

As soon as the bell rang we all got to our changing room's, and the costume was a red hula skirt with a necklace kind of thing which was made out of leaves, they were special leaves because they were rare to find around NZ, we lastly wore a red fluffy string on our left side of our heads. When we had to leave we lastly done a Tongan prey so that our Tongan dance would be fierce and scary. As we walked out around the Audience we heard voices going "CHHHEEEHOOO GO TONGA!" around the corner. when we sat down I felt like I was next to an Iceberg and in side a fridge too. I said to my friend " Ghee aren't you cold" then he replied "Yeah, I,m a Tongan Warrior though", Then I laughed.

Watching all the other groups was awesome but I loved the Drumming at the end of the show, also the Kailao Of course. When we watched Bollywood then they rocked it, also when they played an old song I loved called "Jale Ho" sang from Nichole Schlesinger. When it was our turn I gave it all I had and I went 110 percent., my brother was the leader and also called all the word's. When we got to the middle I done a mistake and dropped my spear and I picked it up and kept on going till it was finished.

Looking back at that day I was really Impressed with all the groups, also our one. Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a wonderful recount of a very special night. And your first piece of holiday writing. Well done! I loved watching the Tongan item, in fact that was when I reached for my $$ ! You were fun to watch

    Well done

    Mrs Burt