Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Holiday Highlights:)

My favourite highlights from my holidays were,  Christmas, going to my Nans house and driving down to Pukekohe. During my holidays, we drove to Pukekohe for my older brothers interview, for Wesley College. We waited an hour for his interview, and when he came back I was shocked that he got accepted.

5 days After school had finished, Christmas would be here so I was very excited. I talked to my brother and asked him what he’d think he would be getting, he said I would get some boots and a phone at least. My cousins, Paula & aki, always come from Hamilton for special occasions. The last day finally came and I stayed up until 12:00am. The morning came and everyone ran to the lounge and sat down, we got presents but my favourite was my new Android phone..

Weeks later we got him prepared for school, and bought his uniform, stationary and shoes. The whole family was their to say good bye. Lastly we finished the day off with a good Tongan Prey. On the last two weeks of my holidays, I went to go spend time with my dad’s side of the family and went church, and sang all day long.

Sadly my holidays were coming to an end, and I was really looking forward to school. We bought new uniform and sandals. I was really happy and excited, on the last day of my holidays it was awesome, because we went to the mall and went shopping, then I got home and slept at 8:30…

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  1. Thank you for sharing your holiday highlights Antonio. I hope that your brother enjoys and makes the most of his time at his new school.