Thursday, February 20, 2014

Interviewing the Yr1's and Yr2's..

On Wednesday, Class 2 went over to the village where all new entrance and year 2’s learn. We interviewed the kids for ideas for toys they’d like in their classrooms, as Mrs Lagitupu gave us a task to design toys for the kids they can use in free time.

I interviewed Josh and Piripa, Josh(aged 6) loves toys like Motorbikes, Superheroes and Ben 10. Piripi (aged 6) was my favourite, because he actually spoke out what he wanted but Josh just copied others. Piripi Loves toys like Dinosaurs, Mine-craft Minis and Guns.

Using a 3D Printer, we all have to pick a toy and print it out, but we have to think about the time lapse and how big it will be…

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