Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank you letter.

Dear Parent,

Thank you for attending our Picnic for 2014 at the Pt England reserve with Class 2 (Rm 21). Your help was needed because if we didn’t have enough helpers we wouldn't be able to have a picnic. Without you’s we wouldn't be safe. Without your help we wouldn't have fun and without your eyes we could be hurt.
  I mostly played softball while we were there, because mostly all my friends were there. I just loved pitching the  most, because I make it easy for them to hit and maybe a fast-pitch. We have a Picnic nearly every year .

My favourite memory at the picnic was bombing of the big rock. I liked it because everyone was having fun, front flipping and V bombing. Lastly I would like to thank you again for coming.

Kind Regards.

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