Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Empathy Means..

Empathy, its an emotion that is felt by other people around you who are experiencing the same feeling as you. For example, if your Mum went to Tonga, then you would be very sad, your brother feels the same way as you. Or, if someone had passed away everyone who went to the funeral would feel the same as you, you get it?

If you still dont get it I’ll do another example. If you got a rugby injury it will really sting and start to bruise, other people who have experienced it with feel your pain, it will will make you cry or even if you got hit harder you could have been in the hospital.

Its like an ability to understand other people, seeing through other peoples eyes, and putting yourself into their shoes. Its about you caring for others and others caring for you, looking out for one another and understanding what people around you are going through.

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