Friday, May 23, 2014

A Guitar.

Nylon strings, strumming, echo, movement, melody, pressure, rhythm, sensitivity, noise, reflecting, notes,
picking, harmony, |-------------------------------------|
The shape of a guitar is a bit funny looking. Because it look’s like a pear shaped guitar with a long bridge where all the frets are. If you're wondering why there is a big hole on your guitar, it’s because that hole makes the sound more louder and more clearer.

When you strum the strings attached to the guitar, the strings make a sound which reflects off the hole behind the strings to make a sound which can be used for songs and entertainment.

There are different types of guitar’s in the world, like a electric guitar which can make different sound when you plug it into an amplifier, an acoustic guitar which is like a normal one and a twelve string guitar. Every guitar also contains tuning keys for when you want to tune your guitar.

To play a guitar you must make a shape on the long bridge, then strum the strings the on the big hole and strum. You can make a big combination and make your own songs. Guitars all started in Spain and someone had the idea to put strings on wood.
I think that guitars are one of the most common instruments in houses like pianos. Guitars are also famous because they’re included in many famous songs and mostly every song. Guitars are very precious and there’s a lot of types and shaped ones.

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