Friday, May 23, 2014

Music Writing.


Types of music: Dubstep, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae, Jazz, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, Rap, Blues, Classical, Opera, Country.

Instruments: Guitar, Drums, Violin, Flute, Piano, and much more…..

Artists: James Blunt, Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, John Legend, Jason Derulo, Young Jeezy, Ice cube, Dre, Eazy-e, Frank ocean, Warren g, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber.

Music’s very important to a lot of people. Because music can be used for events, like weddings, birthdays and parties. They make people and kids happy and it goes with the flow. With music we can remember old memories. music can also change our moods from happy to sad, to sad to crying. Music is very good as a calming down tool, when your angry you can listen to your favourite song. Music is very Entertaining

There are different types of music, like Classical, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s,Country and much, much more. I listen to music when Im bored and when I’m in a car I like listening to R&B and

Last year in 2013, a famous artist named came to Pt england school to Visit Nz and see Pt england. He donated $100.000 dollars towards the Manaiakalani Cluster, which is a Program for the schools in the Glen Innes area and farrer. He said that he was born and raised in a poor environment and he his mum was struggling in pressure. Now his families living in no stress. He motivated us to make songs and his songs are pretty awesome.

Without music, you can't really do anything. The world would be boring, you would fall asleep when you driving. Parties wouldn't go with the flow if their was no music. And music can improve your talking and it can make you learn new words and vocabulary.

Impact: What loud music In the club can do is damage your eardrums and you may not be able to get your hearing back. Playing instruments like a guitar is very good because it can work both sides of your brain and improve your thinking. Some songs can make you cry when you think about your memories, or songs can make you scared. Some music can even make you sleep, and music can motivate you to get up and do something.

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