Friday, May 9, 2014

What is a World without silence?

If everyone in the whole entire world heard silence and every one was deaf, I think that the world would be a dangerous place to live in. This is because if you're trying to talk to someone, then they won’t understand what you’re saying. They might even think you're swearing. It really can take a life, because if you were driving down a road, then a very fast car was approaching and then they were beeping, you’d be dead in an instant.  

You wouldn't hear the instructions if you were building and if there was a fire and the fire alarm went off, then you’d be burnt alive. If you're trying to watch the news on the television and you can't hear it, you wouldn't be able to hear what's going around the world, and there may be a lethal storm approaching your area.

I also hear very loud things around my environment. I actually sometimes wish that I was deaf so I don't need to hear fights and listen to long boring talks. I wish that I could fix all the deaf people’s ears and make them like us with full hearing. In one click I wish they’d all be fixed.

Well, first of all, I have a friend at church who I feel sorry for because all his life he's been deaf and he's 84 years old. He’s been with our youth half his life and I think that he’s a good man, he always gives me chocolate and he’s kind and humble.

I think that hearing is really important for everyone. Its like the most precious thing out of our body. Some people that are deaf use Hearing aids, but hearing aides doesn't make your hearing better, it just make’s you hear more.

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