Monday, September 1, 2014

Why taking care of your Mind and Body is very Important.

Your body and your mind is one of the most important things in your life, because our brain is like our engine for our body and our body is the car. I will always look after my body and my family’s too. because I don't wanna lose them or want harm to my body. One way to look after your body is to eat the right foods like Veggies, fruits and meat. We also need to stay hydrated, thats why we drink water or juice.

From those foods and water, we get vitamins, minerals and carbs and much much more. Vitamins, Minerals and much much other things take care of our inside’s like our liver, kidneys, our stomach and most of all our heart. Carbohydrates are what we need for energy and we find those from wheat, bread, pasta and rice. If we don't use those carbs, those carbs turn into fat.

Inside our bodies we have things like our heart, our kidneys, or liver and our digestive system. Our hearts are like gold to us, because without our heart we wouldn't be alive and it takes care of the blood. Our liver in the other hand, is the hardest working thing in our body because it takes care of more than 200 things in our body! Kidney’s help with important things in the body too. People also donate their livers and kidneys to the people who can die, because their ones failed.

Did you know that all humans only use 10 percent of their brains, and that when you around the age of 25 your brain is fully developed? Drugs and Alcohol are shutdowns for our body and mind. Drugs can change the way you act and also can change the way your brain functions. Marijuana is also bad for our bloodstream and can also slow us down in everything.

It also has a chemical which stick’s in your body for 3 months that’s why when you get a drug test you’ll get snapped. Also, it can muck around with your moods, it can make you sad, happy, down, and crossed. Alcohol spirits and wine can also kill you. It puts you in a drunk mood. You can get uncaussions, get double vision and it makes you funny.

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