Monday, September 22, 2014

Wesley Rugby Tournament

On the 23rd of September, The Rugby squad from Pt England, are going to compete at the Tournament out at Paerata.
Out at Wesley college, they are having a Rugby tournament and have invited us to take part in this awesome event. We are not only going to be Representing our school, but the EAST of the region. There are going to be schools from the South-side. This is going to be the most challenging Tournament we’ve had so far, thats why we have very hard trainings.

Every week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays we’ve been having the most painful and roughest trainings yet. I think that we will do very well because we have a lot of talented rugby players in our team and also big guys. Our coach, Mazel had told the whole team that this will be a good opportunity to get scouted into Wesley by playing hard. We can also have the opportunity to meet Jonah Lomu in PERSON! , and have a game with him.

I am really looking foward, and I think that Pt England can come 1st because we’re going to play like theres no tommorow. Everyone is going to play for their families, our school and our friends. Im playing as prop for my position, and Im a forward.

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